Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hmm...I was all set to reserve a flat in Le Marais district, and then Brew got me thinking about Montmartre.  Looks like the flats are slightly cheaper, too.  Should I look there?

I was reading Harold McGee's column in the New York Times yesterday, and lo and behold, he talks about his friend Darrell Corti and going to his house for lunch!!!!

Everybody knows about the big show tomorrow, right?  English Singles, Rantouls, No Bunny, Th' Losin' Streaks.  What a lineup!

I was bummed to realize last night that Jonathan Richman at the Palms next week is the same night as the first night of Lost!  But I will have to watch Lost another night because I would not miss J. Rich at the Palms.  Magical.


Anonymous said...

Again, I say Montmartre.

JB said...

Jonathan Richman at Darrell Corti's summer house in Montmartre for lunch with Harold McGee.

And afterwards everybody watches Lost.

Anonymous said...

You're there for a while, right? What about splitting your time and doing a few nights in one neighborhood, few nights in another, if you're torn? Then you could get to know 2 different areas. (And if you do stay in Montmartre ask me about a great bakery there--not that there aren't great bakeries everywhere.)

Uneasy Rhetoric said...

Montmartre vs. Marais. The Marais is much more central and thus close to the action (or Metro lines to get you there). Montmartre is just a cool neighborhood. If I were doing lots of touristy stuff, I'd stick to the Marais and just make a visit to Montmartre.

beckler said...

i like to stay in more neighborhoody areas, plus we'll have about a week, so i think that montmartre might be a better fit

Richard St.Ofle said...

My vote is for the 4th (Marais), but that's me.
Those Bob Marley douchebag rastas that play guitar and sing "Redemption Song" on the steps of Montmartre bug the hell out of me!
(sorry if I ruined the magique!)

Anonymous said...

But that view, Richard, right? There's nothing in the entire world like it when you're walking back "home" at night, gazing at the lights... til Rasta Man or his friend, Clammy Heroin Hippy, saunter up and offer to weave your hair.

B, I know you'll intuitively know to do this, but make sure you take FULL advantage if you see midnight merguez stands. One of the best meals of my life was at 5am, laying on the ground under the Eiffel, eating merguez and falafel. There, I just told you the best way to see that site.


michele h said...

Both the Montmarte and the Marais are rad, and both have their touristy aspects. To avoid cliche and tourism altogether would put you in some of the more purely "neighborhoody" arrondissements, but they would be kind of boring. The best thing about Paris is that the Metro is the most accessible and efficient subway system, so you can get all over the central city really easily, making your decision less crucial than it would be in Rome for instance.


Anonymous said...

The 20th near pere lachaise is cool


Anonymous said...

Frog bakeries suck. You gotta go to Doucheland for any good Brotkultur. Ask any Deutschbag.

Sprechen Sie Douche?

Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

double douche

Anonymous said...

heh heh

Jacob said...

Hi there,

Montmartre is one of my most favoritest places in the world. Do go there. You will thank yourself when you leave...and then beat yourself up for ever leaving. Seriously. It's that kick-ass.

By the way: Just sayin'.

Take care,