Monday, December 14, 2009

erotic bunchman

Four words: Four. Eyes. Xmas. Show.

Luscious dumplings! Pork fried dumplings. They have ruined me for other dumplings. Look at the sweet crispy parts!
Soup dumplings. Is there anywhere in Sac to get soup dumplings?
Mission. Can't remember which mission. San something.
101 Noodle Express! Giant northern-style Chinese beef rolls. It's like a Chinese burrito but better. Filled with beef and bean paste.
and a mystery green condiment on the side that was one of the top ten condiments ever
this was a Chinese leek, glass noodle and egg hot hot pocket
erotic Bunchman
Carpinteria anemones
look at all these free mussels, just sitting there


michele h said...

I don't know what looks more beautiful, the snacks or the beach!

You can get soup dumplings at Boba Cafe on Freeport. They aren't on the menu I don't think, but they are called Xiao Long Bao. They are tasty, but not the best ones I've ever had.


beckler said...

thanks! i'll try that.

michele h said...

Boba Cafe is great in general. I love the tofu with egg. GW showed me to pour a little soy sauce over it and its SO good! The cucumber dish is good too. There's some missed, but most of the snacks are hits!


Anonymous said...

It's Mission San Gabriel.

I'm going to take you back to the Ramona Museum and make you sit through the guided tour again!

I think you could make that cucumber dish we had at 101 noodle express at home.


undercover caterer said...

Damn you and your dumpling photos! I'm hungry and those look delicious. That burrito thingy is particularly tempting.

Liv Moe said...

Jonathan Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!