Wednesday, January 20, 2010

guest book

I wasn't sure I could really capture this by posting about it, but...the beach cabin that we stayed at had five guest books, dating back to about 1989. I started leafing through the oldest and couldn't believe my eyes. The intensity of emotion contained within these books was insane. Also, the amount of boning that had gone on in that cabin started to skeeze me out. The entries just went on and on, some of them for 4 or more pages. Here are a few excerpts so you can see what I mean. You can click on the pictures to read them. The books were just crazy, disturbing, and fascinating to read. I don't mean to mock them.

There was a loft with a bed in it where the majority of the boning seemed to happen. This lady was nice enough to report that her "morning sickness had little effect on our lovemaking in the loft"
This one was one of three entries by people who had met on the internet. He starts by calling them "London" and "California", cuz that's where they were living. They met up and ended up in the beach cabin a few days later, totally stoked on each other and rapturous about the cabin. By the second entry, a year later, they are married. By the third entry, another year later, they are complaining that the quality of the room has gone downhill and they are "moving on". Still married, though.
This quote: "I love Maria and will continue to show her in the way she needs to be shown", is somewhat weird. Also, the the beach house has shown him that he is "the man".
This was an awesome entry with a drawing and RHCP lyrics. And the women was from Sac!
I eagerly anticipated any 9/11 references as it approached, but there was only one, from a rare East Coast guest. Osama! O'bitch! Try to find me here!
This one was from a honeymooning Christian couple. There were A LOT of references to God in these books, and to God creating the surroundings. The woman had "lost it" at the cabin. P.S.-for those who thought Christians were sticks in the butt and only had sex when needed...never met us.
More honeymooners. This one is good:

These entries were very deep. A married couple with kids who had both cheated on each other but were rekindling their love at the cabin.
This couple met at Burning Man, she "a buxom blonde dressed as Alice in Wonderland wearing cat ears"


Anonymous said...

I get totally into a guest book.
There was one in the cabin we got in mendo about a couple who was having a romantic weekend because she was dying of cancer that killed me.
Leave it to Sac to bring the ICP.


beckler said...

RHCP! an ICP reference would have been even weirder.

i can't believe how people pour their hearts out. this guy who was there for his 25th anniversary was giving marriage advice that was actually pretty good. the smug people who had been together like a month and were so certain about everything were bugging me. There was an occasional entry by a kid and they were usually pretty cute. One kid was there with his aunt and his "sort of uncle dave".

Anonymous said...

you will have to excuse me the Sharpy and choice of words, (along with my spotty chili peppers knowledge) I was wrong.

Still awesome though.

Violent J said...

mmfwcl for janky hippy shit.

Anonymous said...



Count Mockula said...

That is so weird -- I've written in guest books, but it's usually like "We had a lovely time. Thanks for the nice omelette in the morning." Can't imagine pouring my life story into the pages. Or my sex life.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that before in rental cabins, people really pour out their hearts or go into too much detail. It's usually so personal that it makes me uncomfortable enough to either write something brief or just totally make something up.

beckler said...

It was like people were bragging or trying to one-up each other.

Serpentine said...

dewwwwwwwwwd what in the hell! lol
alright, so i would be the type to also doodle the hell out of a page, myself. maybe its a sacramento thing. keke

Anonymous said...

smokE a BOAl!

Ol' Man Foster said...

RHCP is ICP for people who went to college.