Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Holiday post

Don't forget, show tonight at the Hub. Starts at 9 on the dot. G. Green is not playing, which sucks, but is good news if you are hoping the show will end early. If you just want to catch English Singles you could probably be in bed by 10:30.

Are you sick of hearing about the holidays? Me too. One last post. Here's an awesome cookbook I found at a thrift store. It caught my eye because of the nice jacket (nice jacket!) and because I had heard of Mimi Sheraton. I was getting her mixed up with Gael Greene and I thought she was the sexpot food critic. She's the former NY Times food critic. This book is from 1969, so it predates any of that. It is all holiday sweets from around the world.
I have had a bottle of molasses sitting around for the last couple of years, so I decided to make this recipe.

At one point you mix boiling water, molasses, and baking soda. It foams up which is exciting and makes the recipe seem pretty old-fashioned.

So moist! I love this cake with coffee in the morning.
Here's another holiday favorite. Hot toddy with scavenged lemon.
I went caroling and carried a hot jar of this around for fortification.
Right now my citrus craving has been pretty much sated but I had a lot of fun roaming around my neighborhood, picking all the fruit I could carry.
with this!
I call this picture: Whut? I iz relaxin'.
I drank this!
Do you think Babs liked her Christmas gift?
I ate this! It was good.
Tshirt in Stockton. The piercings come out of the shirt.
The wonderful signs of Stockton.
I had drinks at this bar once. It was crazy inside.
Sign in Grass Valley. The most important summit in memory.


beckler said...

p.s.-did anyone happen to notice that the Sac New Years Eve ball drop got canceled? If you are a Sacramentan, you can guess why: Thursday Night Market Syndrome (TNMS). Too popular! From the Bee:

Why was the ball drop canceled?

Fueled by media coverage and Sacramentans' thirst for big city things, 2008's New York-style New Year's Eve ball was planned to attract a couple of thousand people, but at least 12,000 showed up. (Some estimate that it drew 25,000 people.)

One of the organizers vowed to make this year's ball drop even better and brighter. But the success of last year's event meant more security and outdoor restrooms would be needed. Norm Alvis, who helped organize last year's event, figured it would take $100,000 to do it right. He said he asked the city and the Downtown Partnership to put up a third each, but neither party was willing. So, the ball drop is off for 2009.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean when your city's ball does not drop? Are there any implications that we are not a real, grown up city?

Ed C

Anonymous said...

Hey when's the Halloween show exactly?

-- Patrone

beckler said...

well, one dropped last year so the sac is half full.

yeah, halloween show? when?

Anonymous said...

Probably some time in February but I don't think there's a venue for it yet. Right?


fft said...

excellent photographY!

leon said...

I head the Didjeridu Summit in Grass Valley totally blows.

summer said...

Shoes at the summit would be a didjeridon't.

Anonymous said...

Making gingerbread from scratch is so easy and yummy. I always like to include a tiny bit of black pepper & mustard seed, along with some cardamon. Super spicy! Also this year's version, I used a nice dark beer in place of the boiling water.

Anonymous said...

Never doubt me, smiller!

The Halloween Show is on Feb. 20 at the hub.

The theme is California Gold, but it's really just CA bands, not gold records. If someone wants to be Huell Howser they are more than welcome, but I am not going to track a Huell down.


Liv Moe said...


Anonymous said...

And as always,
Charles, don't book a show!


Stephen Glass said...

As someone who lives in Humboldt County, didjeridus are no laughing matter. It's not unusual to encounter more than one person playing them in public up here. This will not stand.

Anonymous said...

I encountered my first public didjeridu in Arcata.


smitty said...

At least I was in Australia at an Aborigine tourist trap when I saw my first didjeridu. The guy explained how to make one out of wood and started to do it. Then he pulled out a PVC pipe and said, "We use this now. Sounds the same".

I'm drinking a Deus Brut de Ned Flanders. Haw haw haw, I kid about the name. They're 5 bucks a bottle in Korea. Should I keep shotgunning them?

Patrick J. said...

Where do you get that Cider? if you don't mind me asking. Looks rad.

beckler said...

Ha! You just gave me the perfect opportunity to say "I brought it back from Paris". I think the problem with delicious French cider is that it's a little too expensive here. It's meant to be an inexpensive treat, especially because it has such low alcohol that it won't really give you a buzz. Maybe it's dumb to judge wine that way, but I do when it comes to the stuff that has super, super low alcohol and is pricey.