Friday, February 12, 2010


What is this fucking conspiracy where The White Ribbon is playing everywhere except Sacramento? Do I have to start a letter writing campaign? P.S.-If anyone who works at Tower is reading this, your website says that you have no movies showing today.


Anonymous said...

The real conspiracy here is your continuing efforts to dis Omri Casspi. People were chanting his name after the game the other New York! Why the refusal to support this beloved local Jewish hero?


Anonymous said...

Wow, they have a "Jewish Heritage Night" at Madison Square Garden?

Fine, I will watch the next game, alert to any stirring that occurs in my loins. Except the next game is on at the same time as Lost, and at that time my loins only have eyes for Sawyer.

ps-I'm commenting as anonymous cuz fucking blogger won't let me comment. On my own blog. The chutzpah!

Anonymous said...

you should hurl insults at your blog while you're anonymous. it will give you a whole new perspective.

yolkie said...

I thought we were getting it this week. Hopefully next week, but I wouldn't be surprised if we never do get it. The movies I want to see either don't do well or never come. And the website constantly fails to show the accurate movie times. We get calls all the time of people thinking we closed.

DB said...

It's opening February 26. Straight from the horse's mouth.