Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gripe of yesterday and today

Sauza Claus and his germ-y bottle of Sauza made me sick.#gripeofyesterday

Why do art films often include genital mutilations? #gripeoftheday

Can you tell I stayed home sick and watched Antichrist yesterday?  Believe it or not, even with the garden shears to the clit, I liked it better than Melancholia.  But jeez, Von Trier, Haneke (Piano Teacher), there is some other arty movie too where a lady mutilations her vagina.  Notice I did not say vajajay, lady business, or lady parts.  Speaking of pussy, the Louis CK downloadable special is good.
 This is the aged nog I made from the sacyuleblog recipe.  I'm taking it to a party tomorrow and it's been aging for about a week.  I'm going to test it today to make sure I don't make everyone at the party sick.  I'm also making pimento cheese.
 I've been kind of down on the crockpot with some recent attempts to make beans in it.  Beans don't seem to cook evenly.  However, I got some stew meat at the meat lab, threw it in there with a bunch of wine and broth and soffrito, cooked it all day, got home, put some more wine in, sauteed some mushrooms in butter and wine, threw in carrot slices, mushrooms, and pearl barley for about a half hour and voila!  Fucking good.  The wine and barley is what really put it over the top.
 Here's the aged nog the day I made it.  I love nutmeg.
 Cat in a basket

 Grilled cheese at Bows last night.  So good.
 I hope they don't mind me posting this.  This is the best Christmas card I have ever seen.
I got this tree at SPCA for a buck fifty.  Grandma style!


Skipper said...

Ha! I walked into the living room where everyone was passing around the Sauza, and I asked, "what're we passing around here? Meningitis?"

No laughs.

Anonymous said...

If you want great beans try a pressure cooker. We've been making amazing pintos about once a week and it only takes an hour.


Liv Moe said...

Wait a minute here... are you trying say that Sauza Claus made you sick 3 days after the party? I don't believe it....

beckler said...

I got sick Tuesday morning. It's a delayed Sauza effect.

Anonymous said...

Is that Oliver?


Anonymous said...

Yup its Oliver and his wife teddy.

Anonymous said...


undercover caterer said...

So, how was your nog? By Sunday mine will have aged three weeks. I can't believe the amount of booze that is in it.

beckler said...

I had some yesterday and it was really, really good. Taking it to the party today.