Friday, December 30, 2011

gross post

This post is really just for smiller, since everyone else is off work.  Hi Scott!

Top 20 Crimes of 2011, SacBee?  How tacky.  Did any juicy rapes make the list?

Dave Attell last night at the Punchline was pretty good.  He kind of bombed, though, but he just went with it.  He was doing a lot of ad-libbing.  He blamed it on having four opening acts, and I think that was kind of true.  One of them was Sac High's own Kelly Price.  Anybody go to school with her?  She was good.  Also, Big Jay Oakerson opened and was super good.  He just did crowd work, it was impressive.  I was surprised to see that people actually get wasted in the crowd and act like asses.  During Dave Attell, one woman alternated between yelling "woo", flipping Attell off and yelling "air force".  He gave her a tshirt.  Doug Benson and Kevin Nealon are playing there soon.  The problem is, with the two drink minimum (which they enforce) it's over 50 bucks! That's pretty crazy.  Why doesn't the comedy spot book touring comedians?!?!?!?

Why didn't anyone tell me about yin yoga?  I thought it was baby/old lady yoga (which I like sometimes) and it kind of is, but it's totally intense.  My hips are so open right now.  See you at lunch, Scott.

Eww!! Gross! I know. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I decided my New Years resolution will be to yell "air force!" more.


Cody said...

It was kind of a tough pill to swallow when I started going to see more live comedy. When you're used to seeing 3 or 4 bands for $5 or if it's a bigger touring band maybe $20 at most, it's seems crazy to spend $30 + drinks on seeing 3 comedians. Plus the comedians don't have band members to split the money with. That said, it's kind of worth it just because they tend to start on time, you don't have to wait 45 minutes in between acts for the next band to set up and you get to sit down the whole time. Man, I'm lazy.

The Armeniac said...

I'm at work and moderately disturbed by how open your hips are.

beckler said...

J.K., my grandma hips are never open! (well maybe the left one, sometimes)