Thursday, November 15, 2012

I pwned it

Not a very lively week here in ol' Heckasac.  And I do mean ol.  Can you believe how long I've been doing this?  I'd like to remind you that it was way before facebook came and ruined everything in the entire world for everyone.  Too strong?

 And no one has ever come close to matching the regularity of my posts.  Remember all the blogs that have come and gone?  The ones that started off strong and faded away?  Remember when Sac Rag was a big thing?  Oh wait, they are still posting! I'll have to go back to checking.  Although when SNR had a "best of" blogs category, I argued and will still argue that a "blog" with a whole roster of posters is really not a blog.  Remember when I used to start fights with everyone before I knew that people would find out about it?  Remember how through the kind attention of editors such as NM, OMF, AY, RD and RL I have been able to enjoy a successful freelance side line?  Remember that new yorker article about the first blogs? The people who started it were insufferable.  Thanks for sticking us with such a stupid name, you indie wimps.

What is the secret to my longevity, you ask?  Pretty much just saying whatever, good or bad, ego or id, scandalous or mundane, profound (ha!) and cliched, crazy or sane, funny or stupid, wrong or right.  I used to get super embarrassed about most things I posted but now it is such second nature to me. I never think about it.  I probably should.  I transferred my embarrassment to my freelancing.  Usually I can't look at it when it's published and then later I read it and I'm like, that's pretty good.  I was just laughing at my new thing in Edible.  That's right, LOLing at myself, which smiller was LOLing at me for.  Remember how LOLs probably didn't exist when I starting this, let alone ROFLMAO or pwned.

So, this is the end, my only friend, the end.

JK.  I just felt like a walk down memory lane.  Let the trolls spread their vitriol below!

I went to the open mic comedy night at Bows last night.  I enjoyed it greatly and am really drawn to the spectacle, discomfort and anger of those who are drawn to standup.  I saw two guys do their first standup ever.  One was like an angry car wreck and one pretty  much just read jokes off his phone.  If I was a heckler I would have yelled "do you just google "jokes" and read whatever comes up?"  Host Ray Molina is quite funny and the last guy did like a half hour and was super funny.  I wish I could remember his name.  He was from LA.  There was a donation jar but I don't think these guys could have made any money.  What a perverse thing to be drawn to.

The crowd was terrible, which I think is not typical.  There was mostly silence and then this dreadful table with a  woman who would compulsively laugh loudly, but often at what her table mates were saying and not at the jokes.  She would drown out the jokes and some of the comedians were pretty much forced to remark on it.  I wanted to KILL HER by the end.  Anyway, it's cheaper than a night of theater and pretty much as absorbing if you can stomach secondhand embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Did all the bloggers get writing gigs? Nostalgia in your coffee?

Was comedy night well attended. I went a couple months ago and enjoyed myself. I actually was drunk enough to think I could go up there and bust out some stories (delusional).


beckler said...

Are you insinuating that every blogger got writing gigs? Some did, some didn't. Sarah, Sac-eats, Dan Barnes, yes, probably some others. Not everyone.

Yeah it was pretty well-attended. One funny thing is that standups are so in it for themselves that like half of them went out back after they did their gig and/or left, instead of supporting their brethren. There was a really good laugher in front, possibly a stand up, who was helping everyone out.

Anonymous said...

I guess that was rhetorical? Just seems like hella early-school bloggers got some bylines. Which is great--just not great for blogging.


beckler said...

aha, like why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, only opposite

CoolDMZ said...


beckler said...

omg, post is so obnoxious! i was really caffeinated this morning, sorry!

hi dmz. remembered sac rag. enjoyed posts. my problem is that i can't figure out how to favorite websites anymore, some pop up blocker or something, so I forget all the ones I want to look at and just spend all my time watching cat videos

Anonymous said...


you are so close to me starting a facebook fan page for this web-log.

Charles Albright

beckler said...

why couldn't they have named it a w'blog or web-iary (for web diary). or wournal or wamblings (web ramblings)

stickie said...

I always preferred the pretentious sounding "online magazine" rather than "blog". When someone says that they have a blog, I always expect to find a description of what they had for lunch and commentary on how life is different than how it used to be in high school, yet still the same. Glad that you avoid these trappings.

'Ler, I think part of the problem you might be feeling is the marketing a traditional blog in a post-blogosphere world. You could easily break this into five different sites that each focus on food, beer, local fun, travel, and Sacramento culture which could be individually sold with individual branding. But who has the time for that shit?

That said, I still like it.

beckler said...

thanks. yeah i've thought about it over the years: get my photo chops up, get some contributors, but i just came back the only way to finance it was through selling ads, which would have to be mostly to my friends/acquaintances who are small business owners. that would suck. it could just be a labor of love (if i actually put labor into it), but then it would use up the ideas I use to get paid by freelancing.

beckler said...

have I already predicted that subway or togos or quiznos or maybe a non-sandwich chain place will have a banh mi sandwich or chicken burger in five years or less? I just wanted to put that in writing.

Anonymous said...

Subway would call it the Ho Chi Min Hoagie and Jared would still be holding up a pair of over-sized Dockers.


undercover caterer said...

I like wambling. I'm probably a wambler. I will say that I literally cringe when I get called a food blogger, though I suppose that's what I am. It's still annoying.

The Park Stranger said...

Yours is the best blog in the Universe!

beckler said...

Yep, that's pretty much what I'm saying