Tuesday, November 27, 2012

talking turkey

Wow, working hard is really hard. Hardly working is way easier. I was so busy yesterday I didn't even check Heckasac.  Had a good Thanksgiving, just us this year.  The bike ride was the same as always, fun, with the exception of the fact that it was big and slow this year and way less rowdy.  The traffic directing guys they have added are useless and actually make it more dangerous.  One pulled this move of trying to stop us at a green light and wave the cars through that had a red. He really had no authority to do that and both cars and bikes were ignoring him.
I bought a smoked turkey at Morant's this year and I am completely, deadly serious when I say I will never cook a turkey again.  This one was 53 bucks and totally worth it.  I gotta call Dirk and tell him, although it's hard to get that guy stoked.  You put it in the oven for and hour before serving and you get crispy skin!  The leftovers are supreme and don't dry out.
Plus, smoky gravy!  The meat is not overly smoked, hence not dry.
Thanksgiving dinners are ugly but oh well.  I think my cran is the best: rum, lots of zest and orange juice and this year the very special guest star of a tiny bit of cloves.  I wing my stuffing every year and every year it is too dry.  Really crappy, especially left over.  This has applles, pinenuts, italian sausage and thyme.
This is the amount of meat we had left!  Still not sick of it.  Oh yeah, the turkey was not fatty and made really good stock.

The end of turkey talk


Anonymous said...

I trial smoked a 12-pound bird before Thanksgiving, and the bastard took about eight hours cook through with a hot smoke. It was pretty great, but I forewent the 4 am wake-up time it would have required for my parent's early dining hour and made a boring roasted turkey instead.


beckler said...

No more posts till next week!

undercover caterer said...

I had no idea Morant's had smoked turkeys. I may have to get one for the next holiday event.. I was just at Morant's today--they had run out of a lot of stuff! I got some of that Louisiana bulk sausage and some smoked stuff to make red beans and rice to serve at Old I Thurs.
Plus, some weird Hawaiian sausage that has pineapple in it for shits and giggles.

Anonymous said...

I have smoked turkeys in my backyard smoker before, they are very good and only take about 4 hours. The keys are to cover it once it reaches that Tom and Jerry cartoon brown turkey color, and to finish it in the oven so you don't oversmoke. I've often thought I should offer my holiday smoking services to anyone willing to supply the bird, $ for the wood, and a 6-pack of good beer. But in that case, you're better off paying the $53 at Morant's. C'est la vie.


Anonymous said...

It's next week.

Everybody come see old jazz at the Pour House tonight (12/5) from 9-Midnight. FREE!

-The(square, washboard-playing)Neighbor