Monday, November 05, 2012

juniper and rye

 I had to go back to Sac State so I could finally get my diploma sent to me (only 9 years after graduating) and it was a trip.  It's a cool/ugly/brutalist  campus.  This is the building where I spent so much of my time.  The funny thing is, the building I have worked in for almost 10 years is just as ugly as this, only with no windows. Sigh.  I should paint a window in front of me.
 I went to Apple Hill on Sunday, I think for the first time.  It's pretty cool.  It must rake in hundreds of thousands a day.  I probably dropped like 60-70 bucks total.

 This caramel apple was sick.   The caramel was really soft, unlike the fair.  It made my teeth hurt, which is weird because I don't think I have any cavities.
 gummi apple
 Apple beer. So funny, it is Coors Light and apple juice. It was not bad despite that combo.

 The famous Marilyn Thomas and her sour cream pies.  Liv Pointed out that she has everything imcluding a pitcher of ice tea that she will pour into your strawberry milkshake.  But strangely no pies.

 Scott went to St. George in Alameda and got me this gin brewed with juniper (of course), caraway and black pepper.  I need drink ideas.  It has an unusual flavor and does not do well in a gin and tonic at all.  It's not as smooth as some of their other gins so it isn't really good straight.
 I tried just gin and bitters, which was good but still too strong.  Anyone got a suggestion?  I think it would be good in a cocktail that traditionally uses rye, but you would have to account for the juniper flavor in there, too. 

Our neighbor brought us two teeny, beautiful trout she caught at Ice House in the morning.  I broiled them with thyme stuffed inside.  It was amazingly good.  The thyme really permeated the flesh, which really suprised me.  What an unexpected treat.


Caroline said...

I wouldn't suggest this for the dry rye gin, but I have recently discovered the wonder that is a gin toddy. Made very simply with just hot water and a little sugar, the flavors in the gin really emerge. Good for a rainy day.

beckler said...

hmm..I will try that.

Liv Moe said...

I just googled THEE Marilyn Thomas and came up with nuthin.' Maybe she's just a very local celebrity.

Anonymous said...

First hit on Google.

Anonymous said...

"ParaVi Vineyards is located high in the Sierra Foothills in an area known as "Apple Hill." Our main building was once the original apple stand where local legend Marilyn Thomas first started baking her pies which transformed the area into Apple Hill."

This obviously deserves more research

Anonymous said...

I love the Sac State campus- the architecture is the best thing about CSUS!