Tuesday, November 13, 2012

mouth watering

 Kinda of a rippin it up weekend. Well, mostly Friday.  Flame Club! Yipes.
This is my favorite cocktail in Sac right now.  Hook and Ladder West Indies Sour.  It's St. Elizabeth's allspice dram (a Jamaican liqueur made with allspice berries, lemon simple syrup, and red wine.  It's like a nicely acidic mulled wine.  It has an interesting mouth-drying quality that maybe is an effect of the allspice.  They have a lot of other cocktails that sound good, but I've been there twice and just ordered this one.


undercover caterer said...

The Averna Shrub was pretty darn delicious too. I had a hard time not just sucking it down in two seconds.

Anonymous said...

What my whiskey gingerale in a suntea dispenser wasn't good enough?

(kidding of course)