Monday, January 14, 2013

best show

Scouse Gits were AWESOME! Best show of 2013.  Tristan and Matt K. were on fire.  Foster is a wild front man, as you probably know, and I could stare at Stan pretty much forever just contemplating his very existence.  He keeps it so real, as does AT, who looked magnificent.  There was a Harley convention in town and some motorcycle club with Clamper colors flooded the bar.  I was a little freaked out but the Scouse Gits cleared them out, which completely surprised me.

Soo...we took a cab to the club (only 13. 50 to West Sac, split three ways!) and got a ride home with JG.  This is due to the shooting on Friday three blocks from my house.  What shooting you say?  I can understand because the Bee is completely not reporting on it.  Sacramentopress is, however, and props to them!  The woman was gravely injured, although I can't disclose how.  So thanks, Sacbee, for writing a tiny online blurb that pretty much blamed her.

Went to see the new Jack Gallagher play at B street yesterday.  It was s lightly interactive and WB pulled a move that got pretty  much the biggest laugh in the house.  People love an improv.  It was enjoyable but not compelling. I think I might have enjoyed some of his other plays which dealt with serious family issues.  He did pull the ol' heartstrings at one point and I teared up.  WB and I agreed that we were mostly affected by this mention of death because it made it think of our own deaths.  But isn't that the case in a lot of stories about death? No? Is it just us?


beckler said...

fuck, even the sacramento press headline is "woman shot while resisting mugger" why not "woman raped after getting drunk and wearing short skirt"? The headline should be "woman shot while being robbed" and somewhere in the article should be the police advice that one should not resist

Natalie Rose said...

I couldn't believe how small and hidden it was in the print edition.
Such bullshit.


beckler said...

I forgot it was in there today. And no mention of the crime wave.

ninja said...

1) Tozer is in Scouse Gits? awesome, i didnt know that
2) Was WB in the play or in the audience?

Anonymous said...

Is the Bee ignoring it because they don't really categorize it as a "wave"? Maybe. But that's kind of lazy, because there was no doubt a surge or robberies between December 1 and 25--nearly three times as many than in Midtown compared to 25 days in the previous month (I don't have December 2011 data yet). But these "surges" occur often, I'm told. Which is just great.

Anyway, for those who give a damn: The latest data shows that, since Christmas Day, there's been a return to normal--whatever that means. Seven robberies in Midtown since Xmas: 2 near Q and 19th (be careful Bows fans?), four in a small area near 21st, J, K and L streets, and then Friday's on H and 27th. All but two well after midnight.

I had to attend a bday party and did not go to the Midtown Safety powwow last Thursday. Anyone?


beckler said...

I told an old man that WB was a plant during intermission and felt bad when he believed me. Nope, it was just spontaneous.

leon said...

Back when I was a cab driver, December was the most lucrative/dangerous time of the year. I only almost got held up once!

wburg said...

The safety powwow was a lot better than the one 2 years ago. Instead of collecting questions on cards and having them read by a marketing shill, Steve Hansen actually worked the crowd Donahue style and gave people the mic. The main advice from police was the pretty standard stuff--don't walk alone, stick to lighted areas, carry pepper spray and/or a personal body alarm. If they get the drop on you, be a good victim--give them your stuff and concentrate on memorizing their appearance for a police report. Hansen also reiterated that the Measure U money was intended to restore services like police, but it wouldn't be enough to fully restore it all. We don't have a gang unit, a vice unit, or even a traffic unit, it will take at least a year to admit new cadets to the police academy and then train them. So we won't see a difference in police strength for at least that long.

Anonymous said...

The last safety powwow _was_ a joke. And then a friend of mine had her bike stolen outside the meeting!


beckler said...

I think the memorizing their appearance thing is fucking stupid. The last thing you want to do is give them the impression that you are scrutinizing them. Also, good luck focusing on anything but the gun. There have been lots of studies that show that's what most people focus on.

Anonymous said...

1) Thanks much for the props- it was a fun show! Ninja: you can say howdy to Tozer at Bows on February 2.

2) I've been contemplating Stan's existence for 33 years and I STILL don't understand!