Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Can you believe we're going to have to suffer through this King's shit until April at least?  I am so sick of hearing about it that I hope we keep them and they build a goddamn arena where the mall is. It won't even effect me and I don't care anymore. 

In L.A. we also went to a Korean bathhouse called WiSpa.  It has a downstairs women's area, a middle co-ed, clothed, area, and a top men's area.  It is pretty crazy.  You get a yellow shorts/tshirt uniform for the middle area and there are tons of families and kids chilling there.  There's a heated floor and pads on the floor for lounging.  There's a little cafe.  There are multiple saunas on that floor, including one with small terra cotta balls and a tv  playing korean shows.  Other ones are pink salt, or plain and tiled with geode, or super super hot.  There is a cold room but it's really j ust a big freezer and smells like one. 

The women's area is mostly naked and there are tons of showers, a wet sauna (which I love!) and dry.  And hot pools and cold pools. You can also get massages or oil rubs.  There are moms with their little girls.  Some of them are sleeping on couches.  You can also rent sleep rooms and stay all night.  You could basically live there if youw anted.


DJ Rick said...

As a lifelong fan, I hope the Kings stay, but if an arena goes in at the Downtown Plaza, I just hope that Pre-Flite Lounge stays where it's at.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the18 million dollar Jimjilbang. Thats a lot of Jimjilbang for your $25 entrance fee.


beckler said...

Oh yeah, you might have seen this through facebook, but there are so many events bombarding all the time that maybe you missed it:

DJ Mike C. will lead you on an epic musical journey at LowBrau tonight at 6. There are also bacon week specials.

Don't wanna offend anyone, but this would be a great time to go because the music at LowBrau is often rough indeed.

Shannon said...

I love the last paragraph.

beckler said...

the epic musical journey and hanging at the DJ table was so fun that we canceled our later dinner plans and just ate there.

unfortunately, after I waited about a half hour to get a glass of Zweigelt wine only to be told it was out, I asked for a "bartenders choice" with bourbon. Guess what a bartender will always make with boubon? A Manhattan. In this case it was served in a giant tumbler twice as big as it should be.

At this point I had had one beer and one glass of wine. On track to be feeling good. Instead, my stupid buzzed order means I have a hangover.

I think I am over cocktails. I don't know how to integrate them into my evening without going too far. And especially since I wrote two Cocktail Challenge pieces with not a murmur or ripple from a single person. OK, that's not true, CT commented on the first one.

DJ Rick said...

How's LoBrau for dinner? For lunch, I've had a sausage that was fairly tasty, but much, much too small for the price. It even made the quantity:quality:dollar-value quotient at Capital Dawg seem like it'd be surely missed, so I dare say it actually tilted the insulting-meter.

I'd been hearing a lot about how "Portland-esque" LoBrau is. But if it is really Portland-esque, it's too much Pearl District and not enough Hawthorne or Alberta. I'm sure Mike C's music selections would definitely peel back a lot of that Pearl District vibe, though.

beckler said...

You can't really compare hot dogs at capitol dog to sausages (with two free toppings out of a list that is decidedly better than the standard relish/onion/mustard choices) sourced from a variety of places in the bay area and locally. Most sausages at morants are at least a buck, maybe up to two, so if you count toppings and buns (including pretzel rolls from freeport bakery)the cost is reasonable.

You can also get one of their excellent salads, like a big pile of red potato with dill sauce and add a sausage on the side, for I think 1.50. That is a crazy good deal.

Vibe, you know, Sac is never, ever, ever gonna be Portland, so of course our Portland-ish places have a strong Sac vibe. But I have accepted that. There are many reasons I live here instead of Portland, and if Sacness isn't part of that then that's kind of sad.

The music situation is bad. It was a joy to sit there and drink great beer and listen to awesome jams. I don't understand their philosophy of music. Just some random classic rock or 80s hits really doesn't fit with the sophistication of the rest of it and the dressed-up crowd, etc.

There are so many young professionals there! Where were all those people hanging out before LowBrau opened?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they haven't tapped Skipper to program the music. major Deutsch-fail.


beckler said...

He should make the kraut, too!

Anonymous said...

Becky, can you start a new thread on Foster saying 'fail'?

-- Patrone

beckler said...

he texted me "jk" recently and said it was the first time he had said that