Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reggae Snowsplash!

Reggae Snowsplash! Tonight! See info below! It will be fun! I hear there will be fake pot brownies made by a local chef! Or are they fake? Only Jah can know.

I went to the comedy open mic at Bows last night.  Holy fuck Ray Molina is funny! He hosts.  I don't know if he did a set because I was a little late. He should do a set.  My other favorite guy was Steven Ferris.  I just friended him on facebook so I can keep up with where he's performing.  I think he could really make it because he doesn't really do jokes, he is just funny and relaxed. The ultimate comedy goal is to get to be a guy who just makes you laugh by standing there.  Relaxation is so key to having the audience on your side, too.  Sure, there were some cringe moments. Only one first timer and he chewed gum really loudly and said "this is harder than it looks" but I've seen worse first timers.  Ray made fun of his blazer and told him to not chew gum because it made him look like an asshole. Good constructive criticism.  This guy Alfonso who works at Insight was also pretty funny.  He's obviously really smart.  He has a little way to go but he's only 22 so he will probably get there if he keeps it up.


Anonymous said...

Alfonzo did the Forrest Gump joke right? I couldn't believe that a. he was doing a Forrest Gump joke in 2013 and b. that it was hilarious.

I tried to look up the older guy, who I guess is on the news, John something?, but I got distracted by that video of people at a funeral (near Der Weinerschnitzel?) attacking a local film crew. Classic.


Dave Smith said...

I haven't watched the video. Did the mourners ask the media to back away and the media wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

Pretty much. Though if you want privacy I'm not sure the Weinerschnitzel drive-thru is the best spot.


beckler said...


hmm...did he do the forrest gump joke? or was it another guy. the guy with the slicked back hair or alfonzo. the divorced chico dad was the most depressing. even more depressing: i saw him in safeway after buying two cream-filled donuts