Thursday, January 31, 2013

duh, cops

some of you non fb-ers may not have seen this

I was super pissed the cops released this without telling us! A secretary at my work asked me if that was us.  I wrote a letter of complaint to the captain and he apologized. So between the responding cop not noting we were on surveillance video in his report and releasing this without telling us they've been pretty Barney Fife overall.  The idea that anyone could glean anything from this video is pretty sad.  I know they don't have shit to go on but I don't think it was worth releasing this at all.  And now the guy on the video (who has our address) might have the thought that we could identify him.   You might think that is paranoid but remember the fact that he almost killed someone for her purse, if it's the same guy, which I think is likely.

On the more cheerful topics.I am SUPER STOKED on Peter Stegall's show opening tomorrow at Bows.  Here's my piece for the SNR.  My only info on him from seeing him at Flats shows was that he was an old-timey guy so I was blown away by the modernity and sophistication of his art.  This guy is the real deal and he has the experience of a lifetime behind his color work.  He is going to be djing from his collection of 78s, as well.  Come out!!

And in other Bows news: the Four Eyes and Scouse Gits are playing Bows on Saturday.  What a show!

I ate dinner at Magpie last night for the first time in forever.  Fuck, it was so good.  It is pricey for a casual night o ut, though.  We had a 50 dollar gift certificate so that eliminated the pain.  We each had two drinks, one salad between us, and two entrees and with tip it was closer to 100 than 50.  Without the gift certificate I would have gotten a cheaper entree.  Let me tell you that the Firestone Union Jack they have on right now is the  most incredibly good beer I have tasted in a while.  Scott was tripping because Union Jack never tastes like that, so check it out, it might just be a fluke.  He though the hops were like lemon verbena, I thought a little closer to elderflower.


beckler said...

say what? I just found out from the new SacTown that Davis' Zia's just opened an outpost at 14th and ). Run, don't walk! And for you veg-heads, their frittata sandwiches is one of my faves. I recommend you order it hot, which melts the provolone. And oh yeah, add pepperoncinis for texture

beckler said...

14th and 0

Count Mockula said...

A: Thanks for the tip on Zia's.
B: If I see a white goddamn blob, I'll be sure to let the police know. "Look at the gestures" indeed.

Madeline Sabatoni said...

Charles Albright Band is also on that show on Saturday!

talkaboutcharles said...

Thanks Sab-well!