Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Spent the weekend in L.A., or to be more specific: Val Verde, Topanga Canyon, San Pedro, Koreatown, and Altadena. Whirlwind tour.
I went to a restaurant in K-Town called Yan Bian.  I used Jonathan Gold's writing about K-Town to decide where to go and I wish I had more than one stomach to devote to that endeavor.  I only had three meals there!  Yan Bian is a small area of China butted up against North Korea.  They have a version of their traditional dog soup that is made with lamb, but it was really fucking hot in L.A. so I ordered t heir cold noodle soup.  I've had this icy style of soup once before and it's the best for hot days.  It's a tangy, spicy broth with that crushed kind of soda ice in it.   It also had slices of beef, stretchy buckwheat/wheat noodles and slices cucumbers.  Somewhere in Sac, maybe more than one place, serves this.  I last ate it during that insane heat wave we had a while back. Years ago.  I also wish I could have tried their dumplings. Damn.
This place is called Pho Ever Yum. Pretty funny.
Korean fried chicken is so good! This is from a fast food place called Kyo Chan.  There is another small chain called Chicken Day.
I forgot my camera on this trip, so the pictures are crappier than usual. This is a plate of pickles from Canters.
I got the Bronx Special, which is an open faced sandwich on rye with pastrami and chopped liver. And a fat slice of white onion,
Chocolate egg cream.


undercover caterer said...

I thought there was a Korean fried chicken place in the south area, but I may have mixed it up with Savory Fried Chicken, which is Filipino.
Pizza and Chicken Love Letter used to have it but they closed. I should check at Smile Market.

beckler said...

sarangbang has korean fried chicken and it is delicious. their seafood pancake is also the best I've ever had.

I have meant to thank you for the writeup on banh xeo in edible. it led to my review. that is the most exciting place I have eaten in a while. The baby clam dishes are uh-mazing (as Huell would say). A friend askes around and found they might actually be sea snails, which is ok by me.