Monday, September 09, 2013

new lifestyle

Wow, OK blogger, weird format but I kind of like it.  If I wasn't so technologically lazy I would switch to wordpress because I assume it is better at uploading pics, etc.  I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to upload pictures as a group rather than one at a time.  I just got back from a weekend in LA.  It was a business trip for smiller and we had lots of fun.  We got in really early and went straight to Cantor's.  Scott had never been and now he loves it too.  We got the bagel and lox platter.  I don't remember the name of the hamburger place.  It had really good beer. I got a Logsdon Saison Bretta on draft then a Du de Ciel.  The burger was an obvious take on Umami Burger, which was a-ok with me.  They only cook medium rare, but this was rare with some almost raw meat inside.  There's 2013 with the drummer obscured.  Me and MC Ham will be getting another night in November. Stay tuned.  We could have made it monthly but we want it to be special.  Spent some time in Silverlake and Echo Park on the trip.  Our hotel was almost perfectly placed between the two.  At DKKs suggestion we went to Forage for a lovely, healthy brunch.  I found a store called California vintage and bought myself a whole new lifestyle.  It's kind of safari themed.  This store was reasonably priced vintage with suprisingly not only tiny sizes.  I will be visiting it every time I go to LA from now on I can assure you.


gee whz said...

I learned last weekend that it is illegal to have a medium rare burger in Canada.

And that is why we don't let them join America.


Shannon said...

Safari themed as in Michael Kors style?

gbomb, that was a few years ago, I think and I joined America juuust fine.

beckler said...

I kind of think of it as yves saint laurent safari collections/peter beard collage

If you don't know peter beard his stuff is really good. he was a rich handsome fashion photographer/artist who shot a lot of stuff in africa. he got trampled by an elephant at one point and lived