Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tonight! 2013! The band of the year! Literally!

Tonight is the first show of the new band 2013 featuring The Biz, Gaba, Dylan Barnes needs a nickname, and Smiller.  It WILL be fun.  Bows

As you are all sick to death of hearing about, tomorrow is me and Mike C's DJ night at Press.  Dirty South and West Coast blah blah blah. Free! I will spin my first set at 9pm.

Wow. Red Dawn is a really sucky movie. No character development and Jennifer Grey and Lea Thomspon seem to be dropped in from some movie where they are cavegirls dressed in 1980s clothing. Sheen the Masheen is totally wasted (as in wasted talent).  I can't believe it was such a big hit.  Now I see why my parents talked so much shit on it when it was popular.

I am doing a presentation on Herpes B at a meeting today.  Should be a blast.  That's the fatal virus that primates carry.  Lesson: DO NOT get monkey pee in your eye or you are in for a world of hurt.

I tried a super obscure bbq place for my next review. deep del paso heights. it was good, but I don't really go crazy for bbq.  Big piles of meat are not my favorite food, believe it or not.  I'm kinda with Mark Bittmann in the idea that meat should be more of a condiment in a meal. 

Speaking of BBQ I went to Tank House and it was whatevs. I'll try the food there eventually, but not the mac and cheese! It's a little sterile inside and I was annoyed they don't have a drink menu despite having a full liquor bar. The bartender explained that they are not trying to be the next shady lady and they are really just beer and bbq. Better get some good beer if that's the case dudes! I just got a whiskey and soda because I can never remember any cocktails. Well, less than 10 anyway.

 New coffee table from Schiff's. Came with two matching end tables.  It's the next best thing to a mirrored coffee table. OC has a giant one.  Rug is from on of the shops across from Relles.
This has been my pasta jam lately.  We have lots of cherry tomatoes but they are not sweet enough to eat in salads, and are a little mealy.  Solution: lightly roast them and throw them in some pasta with fresh herbs.  OK, add a little butter.  The wine is a slightly chilled grignolino we got in Sebastopol.  I haven't posted pics of stuff I cooked in forever! I still don't cook as much as I used to.  I have to be disciplined and plan ahead if I'm going to. 


Anonymous said...

yeah I watched it recently too! Red Dawn is such a heap of puerile status-paranoid white angst. it's on the level of a glenn beck novel. (also Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a Young Girl in 1990.)

...starting with the main plot point, which has the cuban military taking over the USA, like, huh?

-braith chapstick

DaveNinja said...

you two must be talking about a different movie, because the original Red Dawn is amazing. Wolverines!

Scott Miller said...

I heard 2013 was like being on acid.....on acid!

Dave Smith said...

Good ol' monkey golden showers. I loved it! I also had a shit ton of vaccines because I was trying to give myself autism.