Friday, August 30, 2013


My boss just replied LOL to an email in which I wrote "a bit of a clusterfuck" this woman rules.

Consider checking out a play that Big Idea does.  Their tickets are hella cheap (12 bucks) which is a third of what B st or Cap Stage charge. The Lieutenant of Inishimore is crazy good, even with Irish accents for the whole cast! That's tough. It's a satire in the IRA with some hard staging, including a cat puppet and buckets of blood. Despite that it's a comedy and quite funny.  Biggert has been to more plays than me and says he's never seen a bad one at big idea.  I've seen a few bad ones at cap stage and even a terrible one at b street so that is unusual. 

Lil Wayne = incredible.  I have more respect than him than ever. He seems clean and happy. I hope so because it would be a big loss if he died.  I'm writing it up for SNR if you'd like to hear more.

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