Friday, August 02, 2013

ashes and wet cardboard

 Saw the movie Sunshine Daydream at Downtown Plaza yesterday. Legendary '72 show in Oregon to benefit the Kesey family dairy - which they saved and which produces Nancy's yogurt today. Nancy herself is Ken Kesey's sister.  By the way, a lot of freeloading Deadheads crashed so the Dead just wrote a check to save the dairy.
 Secret weapon: Kreutzmann.  Such an awesome drummer.

Right in the middle of the epic Dark Star jam there was some crazy animation and this is an example of what are minds were getting blown with (the Blackberry Kush may have had a little to do with it, not that I am admitting to anything)

DP's sister was introduced to the Dead by coming to this movie which is a real plunge into the deep end. She said she felt Jerry's charisma and power and almost cried during the last song.  There's nothing like a 20 foot high plunge into Jerry's beard to make you feel the love.

Man, we were out of coffee at home so I had to go to Old Soul and my coffee tasted like ashes and wet cardboard. I thought something was amiss when it looked really thin.  So bad.  And of course I want that to not be true since it's my local!  What a disappointment their draft beer selection is, too.  They have Drake's Denoggonizer right now which is probably someone's cup of tea.

Jerry Day Sunday!  See you there!


Anonymous said...

Um. Why is Smiller *not* roasting coffee for you?!?

-The Neighbor

beckler said...

I really like supporting Pepper Peddler. That's why I haven't gotten stoked on it.