Wednesday, August 21, 2013

good news: house show

Don't wanna talk about the big box thing except to say that the Bee continues to not really report on the behest scandal (let's call it behestgate).  In the article about the vote last night they devote the last two paragraphs to it and totally give the impression that Sean Sunderland is the only guy in Sacramento who cares about this!  It also says the "Bee revealed" this story.  I would bet that Cosmo "revealed it" before they did.  If I read one more thing about patient dumping, Sacbee, I will lose my  mind.  Yes, it's really really bad, and yes, you uncovered the story, but how bout using the top banner space for a little more local digging?  The three big non-local themes for months have been: patient dumping all over the state, Dixon conwomand (local-ish) and the Bay Bridge.

There is a house show tonight.  No one loves a house show more than me.


DJ Rick said...

Damn! House show vs. Fine Steps at Bows? Tough decision.

Anonymous said...

To the Bee's credit, Ryan Lillis was first to report on the Walton Family-K.J.-Schenirer behest stuff.

Cosmo of course struck first last summer with the big KJ/SPPF story:


beckler said...

what? I forgot about that. uh oh. fine steps it is.