Friday, August 16, 2013

heat wave

It is a crime how long it's been since I've seen the Rantouls.  Glad that is getting remedied at the Rantouls English Singles show at the Hemlock tonight.

I am hoping to go to the river this weekend cuz it's FINALLY going to be hot as it should be. I can only pray that we'll get a major heatwave before summer is over.


DaveNinja said...

tell the G-man to get his band to sac one of these days. and put us on the bill.

beckler said...

the first rule about the gman is that you don't tell the gman what to do. oh, and don't talk about the gman

what do you think is gonna happen in WWE since that wrestler came out?

DaveNinja said...

sadly, the only WWE show i've watched recently was Total Divas on E!

I doubt anything will really happen with Darren Young. Maybe boos in the south but there have been other wrestlers who were trannies or acted gay in the past as part of their gimmick. Also there have been non-publicly gay wrestlers for years.