Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I was reading the paper this morning and got deja vu (no not because of another editorial about how we need an arena).  There was an article about all these organized runs that like throw color on people and crap and how they are for-profit and making a ton of money.  I was like "is this a reprint? they just wrote about this?"  Here's the verrrry similar article from August 8th.  Pretty weird. I guess there's no reason that runs always have to benefit charity but man are these people raking it in.

There's a lot to do this week. Maybe too much.  Smiller is djing at Lowbrau this afternoon for the last time, at least for a while.  The Bows open mic comedy is tonight, too.

Tomorrow is both Screature in Davis and Knock/Knock, Kittens having Kittens at Bows.  KKKK show is winning for me.

Friday, The SIngles and Rantouls will be playing at the Hemlock.

Saturday, Jonathan Richman is playing and as much as I love him and he's really great every time I think I might skip it.  He does start on time and end pretty early and have no opening band, tho.

Sunday I think I'm going to see Tracy Morgan at the P'line.

I started a rap/music blog. Linked at the right. It's going to satisfy my urge to post about music without posting stuff here that very few readers may care about.


DJ Rick said...

Also Saturday, a rad band from Australia is playing at the flea market in Davis. They sound more like New Zealand bands of 20-25 years ago a'la Dead C. or Dadamah. And I get to stand in on drums for them.

captcha: showDAD 69

(didn't even need to unscramble that!)

Sacramento Punk Shows said...

screature show with Lie from Canada and Bad Dudez is in Sacramento - Oak Park more specifically - Axewave Manor

Anonymous said...

I hope the Kittens are still winning! We start right at 8:00 tonight and because our set is kitten-sized, if show up late you might miss it.