Monday, September 30, 2013

pie from a mime

Maybe you heard that Edible was sold and that Ryan Donahue is no longer editor?  He is now working for Thiemann, which is really cool.  This issue is still in process but is a scramble. For now I've stepped up my involvement in logistics but I hope that doesn't last very long.  It is too much for me.  Hopefully this issue won't suffer. If any past contributors are reading this, or any aspiring contributors please get in touch.
I have been trying, pretty successfully to log much less fb time. I like it so far.  More time for things like looking at Babs
Then you will have to come here to see things such as this mick fleetwood rock that Chapstick made us
I ate at tankhouse and this food was def decent within the genre they are working. I've said before that big piles of meat are not really my thing, but based on these excellent greens I will try the brisket.
This is a tuna sandwich from mill valley beer works! you have to try it sometime!
This was a really good tofu bibimbap from the place I am reviewing next.  Their bulgogi was tasty too.  You'll have to read it in November. Speaking of big piles of meat, my 3 N 1 bbq review is in the current ish. DJ Rick you are mentioned
this is fucking funny


Anonymous said...

What does the columnist say about the mime? I'm dying to know.


Scott Miller said...

The answer is just a series of hand gestures.

beckler said...

btw, bob odenkirk and david cross were phenomenal. ok david cross is just ok and bob edenkirk is one of the top five comedic geniuses who has ever lived would really sum it up a bit better. he kept claiming the catchphrase was "gotta get sal" after someone yelled gotta call sol at him. david cross made a crack about how bob's career was always about having something that people could yell at him out of cars.

beckler said...


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by logistics? I love logistics. I wish logistician was a real job. Actually it probably is a real job in the military and I would hate it.


DJ Rick said...

I'm glad you're reviewing 3-N-1 BBQ. I've been meaning to for so long. In fact, I waited so long to review anything, the powers that be revoked my "Elite" badge. I thought it was an empty threat. Stupid reindeer games.