Monday, September 16, 2013


Went to Quan Nem Ninh Hoa for dinner. Not a lot of a BAR review crown, although I'm stereotyping the crowd in stating that. We've been there enough that we weren't craving the wrap it yourself special, which turned out to be a mistake.  I got the premade grilled pork spring rolls and the rice wrappers were tough because they had probably been premade a while ago.  The pork was not as good without a perking up on the grill, either.  The banh xeo (egg crepe) was your typical greasy, gummy banh xeo that only Banh Xeo near Mack Rd. has mastered.  My pile of herbs included sorrel though, how cool!


sarah said...

oh man, i love sorrel!

Anonymous said...

There's actually no egg in banh xeo. It's yellow due to turmeric. I'ts mostly just rice flour, coconut milk, water and turmeric.

I had some crazy pho at the Grand Century Mall food court in San Jose recently. Fresh made pho noodles, sort of linguine sized, the broth had more of a five-spice presence than any pho I've had, and it was served with rice paddy herb, which I've never seen with pho before.
It kind of made it not even taste like pho, and Thanh said she's never seen that herb served with pho. But it was killer.
Also, for some reason it came with a side of broth that had just had a raw egg added to it. I love the concept of getting a side of soup with your soup.

Unfortunately I forgot the name of the food stall. It's Quan something. (Quan means something like 'diner')

Also, there's a place in Alameda called Pho Sinh that has fresh pho noodles, but only if you know to ask for them. They aren't on the menu and they only get in a small amount every day. So most people get regular noodles, but if you're in the secret club you can get the great fresh ones.
There's gotta be a place in Sac with a similar situation going on.
I'm hungry