Wednesday, April 18, 2007

those wacky neocons!

This was before my time, but a yelp discussion thread about restaurants of the past led me to a photo of the food circus! I have tried twice to post this photo but flickr won't let me, so go here. This guy has tons of rad Sac photos.

On a political note, I have been thinking about neocons alot lately because I watched this documentary and then last night I watched the PBS show about Richard Perle. This show should have been titled "Global Chop Busting of Richard Perle" because he just travelled all over and people of many different nations busted his chops about Iraq. He was particularly busted out by Pat Buchanan and a journalist named Abdel Brai Atwan who has interviewed Bin Laden. He is still a true believer though, and spends the hour he is given building the case for intervention in Iran! What a nut!


Liv Moe said...

"I've stared long and hard at this wider shot to try and figure out the name. I realize now that I just need to go back and get the address, and then look it up in an old city directory."

tspauld's photos are rad BUT i think it's a little odd that he didn't take the extra 2 steps, turn around and see that it says PET AND PUPPY CENTER! myterious solved!

Anonymous said...

Did that movie blow your mind or what?

I got so worked up by it I ended up vacuming off some steam.


beckler said...

It did blow my mind. Fucking neocons! I was a little sceptical about how cool it made Reagan seem. Like they had to bring him over to the darkside.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... that sign looks so, familiar.

I think that the side shown says 'Pet and Pigeon Center'... The other side says 'Pet and Puppy Center'.

fft said...

Did you read that recent New Yorker profile on Paul Wolfowitz. VERY interesting. I almost sympathized with the guy ... then I remembered that he's a total SOCIOPATH:

Didn't "someone" review NIGHTMARES for SN&R?

Anonymous said...

Yes, my flickr account doesn't allow blogging of my photos. Of course, had you asked first, I might have given you a copy to post here.