Friday, February 08, 2008

busting makes me feel bad

A special friday Twilley video, with cameo appearances by Tom Petty and the unknown comic.

OK, so we watched Lost before we went to the show and I am calling b.s. on the ghostbusting. That show Lost me (heh) a little bit. A couple of good twists, though, and I like the new Jimmy Buffet guy.

We missed the Nowheres and the Standard Tribesman. The Tribesman are playing a house show in Davis with the Ganglians on March 23rd. Hopefully I can go to that. I am officially proclaiming that the singer of the nowheres is the punkest guy in sac. Livmoe said he spit on the audience a few times. Th' Losin' Streaks tore it up and then were cut short by technical problems, which kept the show from going past 1 am. Pierced Arrows were good. I was glad they were stoked on the show. Maybe they'll tell the Black Lips that Sac isn't the worst place on earth after all. Davis showed up en masse for this show which made it more fun. Thanks, Davis!


Liv Moe said...

the dude's a good front man. last night was fun from beginning to end. i also now know more about rabbits than i ever did before.

Natalie said...

Thats what I am here for Liv, info. My plan to become more eccentric as I get older is really coming together, over explaining bunnies as pets at a punk show is a good start.

Liv Moe said...

Next you'll need to start wearing your bike helmet in places where a helmet would normally be inappropriate. said...

Woodhaus told me Petty plays the backing guitar on the actual recording, looks like he didn't call 'shotgun' fast enough at the video shoot and lost out being guitar-playing cool guy to Coke Beard over there. Poor Petty, guess still having a career and money beats pulling tail anyways.

Anonymous said...

Petty plays bass on that record.

Sac doesn't need a Black Lips visit. Just get the 4 Eyes really stoned, have them make out on stage and write Dutronc/Love rip-offs, and BAM! -- instant Vice Magazine shills!

Black Lips...they're no Eddy Current Suppression Ring!

-- Patrone