Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the gory aftermath

On friday I had another delicious dinner from Joshua Ploeg, the vegan chef. Don't forget to book any and all events with him. Unfortunately, he's kind of hard to get ahold of. Maybe if you message him on myspace?

The show at Old I was fun, fun, fun. Well, until the Yuba City hecklers ruined it for everyone. What about that asshole, who, when Al peeled off his outer layer of shirt (not the other layer, boo) yelled out Al's mom's name, and then said "like mother like son, always taking off your shirt". The nerve! Luckily, Al beat him to a bloody pulp after the show. I will admit, I gave him a swift kick to the ribs when no one was looking. You would probably expect that I would have some awesome pictures from the show to share, but my camera, she don't work that way, so instead I have awesome pictures of last nights dinner.

We went to the Asian Food Center on Broadway. I asked the kid working the desk at Sunh fish about a fish to grill, and he steered me towards the striped bass because it's nice and oily. It was already dead. The live fish, the black bass, he said is more of a fish to steam. They gutted and scaled it for me. It came to under 14 bucks for the 3 pound fish. I took the fishy and stuffed him with chili paste and crushed ginger and garlic, then I squeezed lemon on his skin and coated him with fine sea salt. Five minutes on each side on the grill and voila! Fucking delicious, especially the skin, which was all charred and crispy and salty.

Also, more pea shoots with ginger and shallot and sesame oil and soy. They're only $1.59 a pound at the Asian Food Center, even cheaper than vinh phat. Buy a ton, they shrink up a bit. Look to Ben's comment on that older post (comment 33) where he posts helpful pictures of morning glory. Now I know what to look for.
Here's the gory aftermath.

Then we watched "Jazz on a summer's day". I netflixed this because I read in an article that it's both Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger's favorite music doc ever, and I can see why. 29 thumbs up! This movie is shot beautifully and well, jazzily. It's worth it just to peep the fashion of the audience. An America without slobs, just imagine!

p.s.-the dude at Sunh fish said they should be getting crabs in today


Anonymous said...

apropos of my previous comment, I think those are pea sprouts, not shoots.


josh said...

Jazz on a Summer's Day features the Jimmy Giuffre 3, right? And it's the incarnation without bass, the group that made "Western Suite", which is in my top 5 jazz LPs ever! I have always wanted to see that.

Anonymous said...

I love watching Anita O'Day in her crazy hat and gloves, just swinging and swinging and just killing it, and then wondering to myself: Where in Newport would she have to go to score?


Anonymous said...

It opens with the Jimmy Giuffre part & it's so cool! And yeah, it's Brookmeyer, him & Jim Hall. They kill it. The Chico Hamilton Quintet part is really great too. It was from when Eric Dolphy was in the group. I don't even know if the song they play could even be called jazz - it was this wild guitar driven eastern-influenced thing. The whole time I kept thinking "Josh must love this movie!" So yeah man, you gotta see it.


beckler said...

she was a junky? she seems pretty wholesome. she's got some choppers on her!

yesterday at asian food center, they were labelled as pea tips, and yes, i bought them and ate them again. and they didn't get a shipment of crabs in. maybe today.