Wednesday, February 20, 2008

vote for a boring thing

aaugh! so bored. i wish i knew how to set up a poll like movie city so i could get you to vote on whether I should go return something at jcrew after work or go to pilates or go buy a crab. those are the boring thoughts swirling through my brain.

lots of shows are coming up. the four eyes and rock the light are playing at the stag in woodland on saturday night. that sounds fun, except for the tracking down a designated driver bit, but i'll be out of town anyways.

monday we have a sophie's choice type situation, in which I could go see the ohsees and agent ribbons at the press (is it at the press?), or go see the mantles and rantouls (the mantouls? the rantles?) at the knockout. fuck! why do I have to choose. ok, the place i can bike to probably wins.

hey, did you know that local burger afficionado and all around nice guy, cody, is interested in getting to the music biz? i've seen the release he did for jay, and it's totally pro


Anonymous said...

I vote for go buy a crab.


Jeff M. said...

Creating a poll:

In your blogger dashboard, click Layout. You should now see a schematic of your blog. In the sidebar area, click Add a Page Element. You will see the Poll element at the top of this page. Click the add to blog button. It will ask you for a poll question and possible responses. then click save, and your done.

beckler said...

going to pilates won out! thanks to all who voted. all the ladies in my pilates class were raving over how goooooooddd ma jongs is. so if you were wondering who eats there, there's your answer. also, they all love the secret life of bees.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Cody was a local burger afficionado!

Note to Cody: I'm moving back to Sac and burgers are my favorite food. You'll have to tell me where I must go. I'd ask my brothers, but one refuses meat and the other will just make me pay for him.

-Madeline J. Maxwell

Anonymous said...

Pilates won, just like that?
My vote was crabs on a seemingly deserted island. Seemingly being the key word.


beckler said...

i don't eat burgers very often, but here's my ranking

1)nationwide freezer meats
3) whitey's jolly kone

Cody said...

I don't know if I'm a burger afficianado, I just like to eat them a whole lot. I'm not too picky. Jim Denny's is my favorite though, and the He-Man burger and Original Perry's truck stop is really good.

I think I still have a few of Jay's CD's somewhere, if anyone doesn't have one and wants one. It's totally pro, but the Jay & Joel remix of "White White Wine" that makes it totally fucking awesome. Someday I'll be putting out a WALKER (aka the Worm - remember that guy?) CD, but I've been putting off silk screening the covers for over a year. Hopefully he hasn't sold the rights to another label. After all, we have a contract, and I'd hate to take him to court.

Cody said...

*at Original Perry truck stop (the on Stockton Boulevard on the east side of 99.)

Anonymous said...

what, no squeeze inn?!!!? -ed

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd known about the poll, I'd have voted crab in a heartbeat. What were you thinking, people?


beckler said...

i'm just glad that elections like this are causing the youth to register in record numbers. that's more important than the outcome of the vote, which ultimately led to me getting really stoned and watching pussycat dolls presents: girlicious. but those mistakes are behind me now, i've learned from them, and i'm moving on; filled with hope and determination to stay the course.