Friday, February 15, 2008

inspiration for halloween show

oops stupid blogger put this photo on top, this isn't such a great picture but doesn't he look happy?
The bun is excellent here. I'll probably attempt that.
This might be an 80s pic of stevie nicks, but a cockatoo is a good suggested accessory
These guys below obviously look great.

Here's a fan photomontage of lindsey buckingham. I saw a couple on a date the other day, looked like a first date, and they were bonding over lindsey buckingham, and the lady said very forcefully "I love Tusk!".

OK, I know youtube posts are lazy, but this is rad. Man, how many times can you say "lady" in one song that's not named "Lady"?


Anonymous said...

The Andressi Brothers was the greatest moment in Halloween show history.

-- Patrone

Liv Moe said...

The big bun ruled! As a kid I encouraged my mom to where her hair that way. I also wanted her to don strappy red high heels with Jordache jeans. Classy!

The other day my dad show me some pics of he and my mom from the eighties and from the neck down he dressed EXACTLY like a cross between Sean Slaughter and Mike C. So weird!!!

beckler said...
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Anonymous said...

So the show is really on March 8? That's in 3 weeks - way too soon! Any chance this will be moved G Bomb?


Anonymous said...

Dennis looks like a complete angel.

Short notice is what makes the halloween show great, practice that day and you are set! Keep in mind I am not busting your scheduling chops persay, I just think now that its set, its set.

I have been waiting for my hair to be long enough to bust that bun. Still not quite there though.


Anonymous said...

I know, I know. I've been the one scheduling it before and you've just gotta set a date. But I do think the more notice, the better the bands. The coke Halloween show bands were so good and I think there was a five week notice or something like that. I'll be wasting away in Margaritaville.


Anonymous said...

So someone else should do Linda...


Anonymous said...


Where will you be brew?

Do you mean Linda McCartney?

Wings? The rooster haircut times?
ahh those were good times.


Anonymous said...

Thought about Wings, but I wasn't up for the challenge. I meant Ronstadt (pending a decent guitar player).

Sadly for me, I'll be in Baja watching whales, drinking beer, and kayacking with my old man.


Anonymous said...

The librarian at McClatchy Library on 22nd St. rocks the big bun every day!
She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I was just admiring that the other day.

I love the neighborhood library,.


Anonymous said...


Beckler- remember when Brew called you "Whale Woman"? That was funny.

la bufadora
(or ella)

Anonymous said...

um, I'm a little cuckoo today cause I'm on pain meds since Willy broke my little toe at 6am this morning.

la bufadora

Charles said...

Three weeks is kinda soon.


ps. March 8th is also my birthday. Finally 21!

Anonymous said...

Did you all know that the one and only gbomb will be fronting America? Horse With No Name, baby!