Monday, February 11, 2008

happy fake spring, everybody!

Holy fucking shit, The Ohsees blew my mind! I saw them at Fools before but this time was like the goodness of that show squared. I'm a superfan now. I just checked their myspace and for some reason it's only showing their march shows, but the club pow myspace still has them listed with agent ribbons on february 25th. Don't miss this show! Don't worry, I'll remind you about it. Gomerstock in general was great fun, except there was a gnarly fight at the very end. I think someone in the Uncut Hunks was hurt. I hope not badly. DJ Rick bravely stepped up to try to talk some sense into the marauders. The cops showed up in about 25 seconds so hopefully the dudes were arrested. What's up sacto has some pictures.

Tonight the Terrible Twos and the Warm Streams have another show, a house show. It's at a house called the witchdome.

Clear your calendars for this friday cuz it's the knock knock, english singles show. All these shows are a wonderful way to celebrate fake spring!


jay said...

An American making Ramen in Japan..

happy fake spring--

beckler said...


Anonymous said...

oh snap jah...word in the condo is the ohsees are playin another house show instead of press. nota 100% positive viberation though. maybe someone can convince them to play both; maybe i won't be shroom'n. the sound at press has been pretty cosmic lately. the swallows (from portland) are still jammin, and the ribbons too.

~the eye in jah sky