Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oh sees song

Pitchfork wrote something typically snotty about the new oh sees track, and Wuhouse gets a mention for producing it. Do you guys get that Planet Clair reference? If so, can you translate the last sentence into regular speech?


Jeff M. said...

Yeah, it's confusing. Is the writer saying that the oh sees are not as good as the B52s or not as bad as them?

Liv Moe said...

i think he's saying it's not worth changing your name over but it's not as bad as planet claire either. so not as bad as the B52s.

FFT said...

He's saying it's not as bad as Planet Claire. The "either" qualifies the "not this good, but not this bad" comparison.

If he had written "Perhaps it's worth changing your name over, but it's no Planet Claire" then he'd be saying it's OK but no B52s, which would be nutty.

beckler said...

What does it have to do with Planet Claire and does Planet Claire stand out as an especially bad B52s song? I'm not a big B52s fan, but it seems to me that besides the abomination of Love Shack, that they are just party fun music and all their songs are pretty interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

I think he's saying "well, I write for Pitchfork & this isn't a band that's cool enough yet to where we'd look stupid trashing them so why don't I say something that makes it seem like I've got them all figured out & I'm not that impressed & later, if they get more respect, we can always pretend we've always loved them".


beckler said...

finally, a translation I can understand!

Anonymous said...

Quoted from an email I just got at work.

"There will be a total lunar eclipse tonight! Hopefully today's drying
skies will give as a good view. Actually, the 7-7:52pm outlook for the
Sacramento area should be decent. High clouds area a possibility, but
should be increasing the hours after the eclipse. Cross your fingers,
and try to give this one a look. After 3 years of a lunar eclipse each
year, we now won't get another till December 20/21, 2010! Tonight's
sunset in Sac is at 5:49pm, with the moon rising at about the same time;
5:41pm toward the northeast. A lovely full moon it should be, too. The
eclipse will be visible to all moon-facing Earthlings at the same time.
The total eclipse lasts 52 minutes, starting at 7:00pm locally, but the
minutes prior and following offer that great crescent shape of the
Earth's shadow over an orangish-red moon. "


Anonymous said...

I'm going on an all dry-dog-food strike until Pfork likes it. Oh wait, I already live on nothing but... never mind....