Wednesday, March 26, 2008

dirty deals

Doesn't it seem like there should be some law against the city doing this? I guess the deal must have been scrutinized by lawyers, so I guess it's ok. It smells dirty. (oops, link added. thanks scott. my only reader)

I will be out of town on friday, so I can't go, but the weathersoul is having a bbq that will probably be off the chain. It's really cheap! They had better hope it doesn't get too popular or the city will shut it down. On second thought, I don't think they can sell beer and wine yet, so they are probably safe for now.

We are holding our "first of many" Friday Night BBQ's at Old Soul at the Weatherstone. Our patio is a great place to spend time--so, please join us for Baby Back Ribs (Bledsoe pork, of course), homemade corn bread, and "greens." Price is $7 per person. We will begin serving at 4 pm and go until 7 pm or so (or until we're sold out).

What: Friday Night BBQ
Where: OS at W, 812 21st (Between H and I)
When: Friday, March 28, 4 PM until 7 PM (or until sold out!)
Why: We like to serve you great food in a great atmosphere.

If you haven't visited us at Weatherstone yet, now would be a great time to check us out! If you have, you know how cool it is! Stop in Friday--you won't be sorry!!!!!!!

Tim and Jason
Old Soul

Can I please call a moratorium on calling anyone who cares about beer at all a "beer snob"? Sure, there are beer snobs and wine snobs in the world, but there's a difference between a beer snob and someone who cares to drink more than Bud and Pabst. In this article, MD reviews a place that I'm curious about in Folsom. Nothing about the article gave me any feeling it would be good, but the owner is posing with a Fantome, which is intriguing. Goddamn that Fantome looks delicious.


Anonymous said...

what dirty deal is the city up to now? I imagine they'll start breeding puppies and kittens just to kill them.

couchdive said...

Ive been to manderas. You need to go. Seriously, Best thing to happen in a 80 mile area to Sacramento thats beer related.

Sharper said...

Thank you for reminding the world that PBR-abstention does not make one a beer snob. Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

I love PBR, perhaps I should become a PBR snob. I like think that would real stick it to some one but I am not sure who.
Cody I suppose.

Its about the only beer I can afford to develop a snobbery about.


Cody said...

I'm a PBR and Highlife snob. Those are pretty much the only beers I'll drink, but I'll also only drink them out of bottles. Cause I'm classy like that.

And I'm really tired of everyone stickin' it to me. Just because I like Charles Schultz more than anyone in Sacramento. After all, I was the first to visit his museum.

Anonymous said...

You may have been first, but I think Al and Jay can agree we enjoyed it harder.


beckler said...

umm...did either of you happen to write an article in a monthly local publication about their love of the Sparky, (oh sorry, you call him Charles Schulz, right) museum. No? Weird. I wish I was wearing my Snoopy necklace right now so that I could point out that I was wearing my Snoopy necklace right now.

Anonymous said...

No, but then again I can't really write.
Are you saying you stuck it to me and cody?


cody said...

It hurts, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

It sure does, I have learned the error of ways.