Monday, March 03, 2008

show tonight

The new Midtown Monthly is out! I got a nice letter from the owners of Uptown Cafe! What a thrill!

Old Soul is now operating their second branch out of the Weatherstone. I checked it out on sunday. They are still getting it up and running and the tables are in an awkward configuration, and they don't have any baguettes or savories yet, however, the coffee I had was about 60 trillion times better than any cup that Java City has ever brewed, so yay! And I like the way they have their copies of Midtown Monthly positioned. They take their rightful place beside the News and Review, but without six or ten other free local papers cluttered around. Just those two. Mano a mano. In a bloodless fight to the death. The death of a thousand paper cuts.

Ganglians house show tonight! at 8? With three bands and one TBA. Why can't it just be three? Why? Why?


beckler said...

disregard that comment on the last post re: the halloween show. it is not this weekend, however, a new date has yet to be determined. it will be in april.

man, i can't believe how many movies are out that i want to see right now! i just heard that blade runner is at the crest. and i want to see that abortion movie, too. and in bruges.

Anonymous said...

What is it about a Monday night house show that doesn't scream "4 BAND BILL!!" to you??


Anonymous said...

The show is on 4-19. The party may even last until 420, who knows.

Please forward all complaints to


Anonymous said...

Never mind. The 12th.

I am still changing my name to Tricky Dick.

-Tricky Dick

beckler said...

poor gballs. don't worry, at the end of the show we will reward you by pouing gatorade over your head and carrying you around on our shoulders, chanting "juice juice juice"

The Armeniac said...

4-19 is a perfect date for the show!The Dead can welcome 4-20 with a long, mellow jam!And falafel.

Anonymous said...


Bananas have a show in SF on 4/19.


beckler said...

oops, not pooing gatorade, pouring gatorade

Anonymous said...

Thank god!

Either way, it's going to be a bitch to clean up.

Tricky D.