Thursday, March 13, 2008

ebay gold

Dudes! I forgot to post before my day off and I forgot to remind you to remember to go to the Doug Biggert Hitchhiker book thingy and subsequently you (collectively) were not there. While he is not a polished, professional speaker, it was fucking fun and I feel very lucky I was able to purchase his amazing book. There's a 2000 print run of it, very few of which made it to the U.S., and it's almost sold out. Ebay gold.

Speaking of ebay gold, I didn't even know there was a show last night and then I found myself at it. The aforementioned ebay gold is the mayyors (am I spelling that right?) new single. I got it just for chipping in five bucks for the touring band. The mayyors were in fine form. That kind of house party is the best place to see them.

Also, maybe I should keep this to myself, but I have a headache right now that testifies to the fact that the Rubicon guest tap right now is Anchor Bock. Tasty, but maybe two was too many on top of and preceding a few other assorted beverages?


Anonymous said...

I heard that band doesn't have a myspace - CONTROVERSIAL!

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

is there anywhere on the interwebs to purchase that book? if not, i'll spare you going on ebay and give you a bid of $.05 over the price for that book.

smitty said...

I noticed that the Rubicon beer isn't shit anymore. What happened? I'm glad the new owner fixed the problems. It's not great, but it's not crap.

Of course I speak from my highly refined taste buds bred on Schaefers and Pabst.

I was planning on going to see Biggert but yesterday my lawyer went from DDD to C and I was in mourning.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt that Hitch-Hikers is avail via the net... but you could call RECORDS 916 446 3973 and ask for Doug and he can probably magically make it appear in your mailbox.

smitty, why the mourning-- now she's that much more like a 12 year old boy, and we all know how you like that!


Patrick J. said...

mmmm anchor bock