Wednesday, March 26, 2008

remember the 90s? part 2

OK, guys, sorry I haven't been posting. And I'm off tomorrow and all next week!

I am caught in the grip of a 90's madness. I am pretty obsessed with reading about Rollerderby and Lisa Carver right now. I just received the Rollerderby book from Amazon yesterday, and this morning I was quizzing smiller about Cindy Dall, and now I'm getting so 90's that I'm thisclose to ordering the other re/search book I would like but don't have (the incredibly strange films one). Then I remembered that Modern Primitives Re/Search and how much it creeped me out. I know, I don't expect anyone to care about this stuff, but I can't stop thinking about it. I was dreaming about Rollerderby last night. Right now I'm watching G.G. Allin on Springer on youtube and he's talking about having sex with animals onstage and how people get raped at his shows. I remember watching that and totally believing it! Do you realize how long ago he od'ed? 1993! Sorry this blog is becoming like "remember this?"

Shopping at Otos is such a breath of fresh air. The cute little carts. The pristine atms that don't make annoying loud beeps like at Safeway. Yesterday I spied something I had never seen at the fish counter. They had a couple of types of fish that were coated with this beige stuff. I asked the guy what it was, and it turns out it's this stuff called "kasazuke", which is also referred to as "sake lees". It's the solid stuff left over when sake is filtered. I guess it is quite nutritious and contains yeast and amino acids. They had both gindara fish and salmon that was coated with it. I got the gindara, which is also known as butterfish, which is the fatty fish that can give you the runs. Luckily the cut was really small. I panfried it and it was amazing! The taste of the kasazuke is so rich and slightly sweet that it tasted like fish custard! The marinade had really penetrated the fish. I guess you can put this stuff on your face, too. Maybe it makes your face as soft as face custard.


Alice said...

my older sis was in to the modern primitives thing. i'd look through those photos and cringe mostly, however. i met that lady who dated the dude from psychic tv and posed with him nude in some of those modern primitive photos and she seemed totally straight even though i knew she had labia tattoos and had done crazy shit with her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

The "lees" are the dead yeasts, spent from fermentation. A lot of winemakers keep them in the wine as it matures for a variety of reasons, but as far as I know the french don't use the lees for anything afterwards. That's a good idea to eat them.


Liv Moe said...

OMF just bought Incredibly Strange Films less than a week ago. It's pretty good. I had it years ago and then ditched it in one of my downsizing freak outs. When I got it Cinemania was still around which was awesome because they had just about every film in the there for rent.

beckler said...

p.s.-I'm not even being nostalgic about the nineties. I think they sucked, for fashion and music, and for me personally.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I always thought of RE/SEARCH more as an 80s thing than a 90s thing. But the "Pranks" title is a classic.

Also no love for Survival Research Labs? Although again, more 80s than 90s.

beckler said...

yeah, I guess it was 80s and 90s. Most of the industrial stuff came out in the 89s. Man, I guess they put out a Pranks 2 in 2006. And they recently reissued issue number 1.

wburg said...

I've got a whole damn shelf of all that RE/SEARCH stuff, and of course SRL was a big influence on various things I did later, except without the technical know-how.

I still have a $25 Cinemania gift certificate that Mickie Rat got me as a wedding present. When we came back from our honeymoon we found that they had closed. Sad. Records on Broadway, however, is picking up the slack in the "local place to rent weirdfilm" department.

The nineties were awesome, by the way.