Monday, March 10, 2008

Seventh Seal tonight

It took a surprising amount of time for me to upload these crappy photos. Hope you appreciate the hard work.

I've been on a real Japanese cooking kick ever since I went to Oto's last week. I've been making delicous miso soup (so easy and cheap!), and the other day I concocted this salad.

The co-op had these beautiful little savoy cabbages, and surprisingly, they are also quite cheap. Two tiny heads were like 1.50. I chopped those, along with a fuji apple, and made a dressing of rice vinegar, a splash of mirin, sesame oil, and miso. I let it sit for a little bit with the dressing on. Delicious! Oto's has lots of lovely sashimi grade fish, and it's about five bucks for enough for a light meal for two.

It appears to be mushroom season and the sac co-op has tons of fresh mushrooms, including chanterelles, golden trumpet, black truffles, and maitake. Does anyone have any treasured recipes for using these? I don't want to let the season pass me by.

I wen't to Sam's hofbrau this weekend, which I'm sure many of you are aware is pretty badass. There was a huge line, including many with walkers, canes and larks.
A friend told me that her son excitedly cries out "meat on a chain" when they are going here to eat. Of course, I didn't capture that in a picture, but if you've been there you've seen it.
Corned beef on an onion roll with German potato salad.
The Seventh Seal plays at the Mondavi Center tonight. Tickets are ten bucks. I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad you stocked up on the home-made pickles! I think they pickle their own beets as well.

Yum, pickle pickle, pickle.


Anonymous said...



beckler said...

did you guys see how the weathersoul has a new menu up and they have a list of "sandos". better than sammies but can we please just call them sandwiches?

wburg said...

Maybe they mean "Sandoz Pharmaceuticals"?

KLJ said...

I took a bunch of different kinds of mushrooms and cooked them all using an escargot recipe I found (substituting the mushrooms for the snails.)
I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Anonymous said...

i took a bunch of mushrooms and was pleasantly surprised by the results-ed

Anonymous said...

While having breakfast at Old Soul this morning I noticed they were smoking meats outside on the patio. After inquiring, I was told it was turkey and pork loin for the sandos. It smelled really good. I was also pretty stoked to see a charcuterie plate on the menu. Once they get their liquor license, they'll have beer and wine, fulfilling my dream of casual wine and coffee in the same establishment a la euro cafes. It's something that shouldn't be so rare here, but is.

Seventh Seal! Here I come!


Anonymous said...

"I noticed they were smoking meats outside on the patio"

were they pleasantly surprised?-ed

Anonymous said...

I want to go see Seventh Seal. Can I get a ride? I don't have a car anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah they were! The meats were laced with cocaine.


beckler said...

did you and the head try stealing the los tigres del taco truck? an eye for an eye is the way to go, as I learned from ghandi.

I immediately inquired if they were roasting their own meats for the sandos, as I cannot abide by processes lunch meat. What is that "skin" on lunch meat slices made of, anyways? Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Suspiciously, the taco truck wasn't there yesterday. Has my car become part of an international taco smuggling operation?

Anonymous said...


We can give you a ride. Does 5:15 work?


Anonymous said...

Biz, how you gonna jam in to the Deadosphere with no drums??


Jeff M. said...

Wow, a lot excitement for the 7th Seal. I never really like that one, despite my fondness for bergman and chess. Something stagy about it. I prefer wild strawberries and persona. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

you're right the taco truck wasn't there! Somewhere the man tiger is joyriding in our car. We will never get the smell of tacos out.
Jokes about car theft, sad and funny.