Thursday, July 24, 2008

15 minutes

Now it seems like Jackson is just messing with me, but I hadn't assumed he had even seen the post so I don't know. What is he even saying about MOM here? That he hasn't heard it but he is going to say-without-saying that he thinks it sucks?

The 15 minutes I did with Larry is in this week, and it's top notch. All credit to Larry. Cute picture.


Anonymous said...

That is top notch!!


nick said...

Larry's enthusiasm is awesome. Listening to him at the Crest last week tell me about how stoked he was to get a complimentary ceviche tostada instead of the usual chips-and-salsa, you'd think they'd handed him a basket of gold or something.

Stephen Glass said...

Ahh, Little Joe's. How I miss it so. Although "wide variety of humanity" after hours is a gentlemanly understatement.

wburg said...

"Art-damage" is how Jackson Griffith describes my band too, and I don't think he has actually seen us either, so maybe that's just how he describes bands he hasn't seen.

Stephen Glass said...

You might have been dating yourself with that E.F. Hutton reference.

Anonymous said...

i think it's rad that percentage-wise Jackson mentions Skinner in his News and Review articles 63.8% less than you mention Miller.

that's so cool. i love alternative media incest

Anonymous said...

I love that you interviewed Larry about food. What doesn├Ęt that man know.

So today I had the Montreal smoked meat sandwich and a Montreal bagel. The smoked meat was not that exciting to me. I kind of feel like I am just going to have a bagel for every meal until I leave. Actually I saw a Bedouin place today that I passed up, I think that will be lunch tomorrow.

I also had two bieres, a black something that was too nutmegy and a Boreal Russe which was perfect.


nick said...

hey gbomb: nice french keystrokes!

hey anonymous: go anonymously fuck yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hey duders,

Speaking of Skinner, I'm playing a benefit show for one of Skinner's students who passed away. I guess the family needs money for the funeral and stuff. The show is Saturday the 26th and it starts at three at the Javalounge. Speaking of Larry, Flower Vato is playing the show as well. Starts at six.

Al Heckamax Maxwell

M. H. said...

Happy Birthday Beckler!!!!!


Anonymous said...


will smiller be there? maybe I can write something up about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.


talkaboutcharles said...

Are you insinuating that Jackson Griffin and Skinner are romantically involved?

Charles "confused too" Albright

ps. Why isn't anyone talking about me anyway? If only I had some catchy slogan that would get people to talk about me. Something like: "Say something in regards to that Albright guy"

beckler said...

yeah, don't i get a pass for mentioning him because we've been dating for three years? happy anniversary to us! it feels like ten years. no wait, is that bad? it feels like one year and three months. i still haven't farted in front of him. there was that one time but it slipped out

Anonymous said...

Ooopsie! JBG = 544.

No Skinnerr, though. Sorry sipsters.