Thursday, July 03, 2008

I won't write that word.

The SNR broke its long-standing ban on the H word this week. There are two h-related pieces, one by Nick Miller and one by Jackson Griffith. Oh really Jackson? Is that how it is? The photospread accompanying Nick's thing is pretty perfect. That, and the related story on the new place taking over the Olipom space, and most of all the fact that American Apparel has started a vintage ebay store just cemented my fear that young people will eternally just pillage the clothes of the past from now on, and that there will be no good clothes left to thrift. That's ok, they have a right to those clothes too, of course, although I wish they wouldn't silkscreen stuff on all of them and make it so they can't go back into the circle of thrift. I am coping by trying to change up my style and turn a fresh eye on themes and colors that h-types might not be interested in. Salmon and teal? Together? I'm trying it. Plastic-y white wedges? I bought a pair yesterday. I'm going for Boca Raton retiree, with a dash of Jimmy Buffett. Yeah, I know there are plenty of h's going for that, too, but there's nothing really new under the sun, is there? I had to do something because the supply of 70s dresses has dried up.

I'm heading for the motherland tomorrow, for the first time in over ten years. That's right, the state that everyone loves to hate, the hangin' state, the reddest of them all....Texas. Hopefully I will have time to eat some good barbecue. Back on tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I love the new look,
I would consider a shitty white fedora if I was you. I know it sounds crazy, but somewhere out there it exsists.

I biked by a picture window the other day and this phrase popped into my head
"fashion by golden girls"

What can I say I like my clothes loose, an early bird special buffet might pop up and I would hate to be restricted.


beckler said...

just to help all the sisters out who are in my same position, here are some other looks that have not yet come back around and that you can pioneer:
-half shirts
-party pants
-white high-top reeboks with velcro
-susan j. komen breast cancer 5 K race commorative tshirts
-starter jackets (although they are still overpriced at thrift stores)
-hiking boots
-oversized panties
-mom jeans (not the cool high-waisted 70s ones, the pleated unflattering kind)
-khaki pants
-box-shaped shirts that are wide and short in some kind of silky material
-jean jackets, maybe with a warner brothers character
-anything made by sag harbor or partners (true story: I often find myself drawn to items of clothing that prove to have Liz Clairborne label on them when I check)
-dresses with peplum
-elastic waists, I am currently venturing into this territory
-dresses that remind you of substitute teachers you had in 1983
-poo-colored wide-wale corduroy
-super chunky black heels

anything else? there is not much to work with here, but at least you will not be vying with hordes of other women for the last few cute items

Anonymous said...

Christmas-themed sweaters with snowmen or Christmas trees on the front in rhinestones or sequins, of course. If you just bought those and Herb Alpert records and nothing else, you could walk out of every thrift store in the land with a full shopping bag.


Anonymous said...

I could practically hear Miller groan from across midtown upon reading the intro to the H _ _ _ _ _ _ article. It made me giggle like a little boy bombing an ant nest with loogies.

By the way, I thought it was pretty great how the Bee's fat front page article in Wed's paper was able to level enough shame upon the city to drop the fine against the people who were trying to save water. Whoever the neighbor is that called in the original complaint vs. the water savers is a complete tool.


beckler said...

yeah, I thought that was cool, too. i feel guilty when we've got our sprinklers on and I would love to get a water meter to see how we measure up. if it's yellow, i let it mellow, and i wash my hair (above and below) in perrier, so i'm probably ok.

p.s.-what the hell are those people in granite bay doing with all that water? laundering their money every day? trying to wash the stain of their exploited employees' blood and sweat off their hands? what?

Anonymous said...

At first, I though the "H-word" referred to the Heyamoto piece.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I totally agree on the silkscreen thing. I've picked up some cool vintage clothes only to find a gun or a Victorian image silkscreened on it and thought why did they just ruin this?

Anonymous said...

-Rayon skort and short wide shirt sets. These are especially prevelant in the fat lady thrift section. Always print, always unflattering.

I suppose I will soon be left with really unflattering plus size fashion from the late 80's and early 90's. No compitition for those..
Unless fat is the new hipster irony.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, an artist who plays in a metal band. Totally unhip.


talkaboutcharles said...

Wait, the Pizzas played that show. Does that mean we are finally hipster rock? Sweet.


josh said...

Still largely unmined:

8-ball jackets
Cross Colors jackets
the Dickie
Double-breasted jackets
Nancy Reaganish women's suits
promotional golfing straw hats
jaz caps

smitty said...

I recommend the bacon bra.

The Armeniac said...

I thought it was strange that Jackson bad mouthed people for not driving to Fair Oaks to see a show. I've played lots of shows at ON the Y and never really expect anyone to drive out to a difficult to find corner of the suburbs to watch me play. Damn kids and their bike riding!! Plus these new HSTRS are pretty damn alright. They seem like genuine people, nice and honest. While they may party like pussies they do take initiative and create there own places at a fast rate. Soon as the city shuts down one space another pops up! Gotta give em' props. Seems weird to attack a group of vibrant creative kids trying to make there own shit , isn't that what it's all about?

Anonymous said...

can u find hypercolor shit out there? i want that, baggy cotton hmmr pants and reebok pumps.

Cody said...

I can't wait til fat is the new hipster irony. I've been eating California burritos from Oscars for years in order to be ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

Well done Cody, We need to stay ahead of the game. I still can't manage that burritto, its just too much for me.

I suppose in that respect you are in fact sticking it to me.

Although, the veggie burritto is getting me there just fine.


Alice said...

i'm not trying to propagate stereotypes but you could just go for the 90s lesbian gym teacher look. mine had a long brown braid down to her butt, heavy thick glasses, pleated khaki shorts, hiking boots and sometimes wore hawaiin shirts.