Monday, July 21, 2008


Wow, that show at West Capitol Bowl was so fun! What a great venue! It was The Night Of A Thousand Good Vibes. Until I dropped my camera, which gave me a bad trip. Otherwise I might have pictures and video. West Capitol Bowl is a great place to ride your bike to and then it was fun to do a critical mass back downtown around 1 am.

It's probably a little late in the day for me to post this, but don't forget the Phil Wilson/Baby Grand/English Singles show tonight at Old Ironsides. Three bucks! Starts early!

The SNR has a well written and though provoking essay on RT as their cover story this week. Also, I took a stab at writing my first book review, which was fun. I can't find the link. Here's a fun piece of SNR trivia, what was the last date that one of Jackson Griffith's columns didn't mention Skinner? A prize to the first person who gets it right.**Also, in their editorial they had a pretty obvious list of ways to save money (well, mostly obvious, things aren't bad enough for me to start ordering cases of sardines from Amazon quite yet), but the part I'd like to point out is the tip about hanging out your clothes to dry. I always forget to try this, and I did it this weekend and I really couldn't believe how fast they dried, and how soft and unwrinkled they were if I brought them back in before they were baked in the sun. Duh, I know but try it for yourselves if you haven't already. And if you want a cheering article about the energy crisis, read this from the New Yorker. It might make you feel that all is not lost.

**hint-it was during the Carter administration.


nick said...

oh my i found it:

Anonymous said...

Bill:what was the last date that one of Jackson Griffith's columns didn't mention Skinner?

Will:when Jackie greene filled our hearts with bluesy-dylanesque tunes?

Ed C.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some good clean Bill & Will humor.


beckler said...

I don't know what Bill and Will humor is but it still made me lol.

talkaboutcharles said...

Vince Carter was President?


ps. heckasac, don't toss the camara as of yet! the pictures could be saved.

Liv Moe said...

the pics can definitely be saved as long as you have a removable memory card.

liv "i dropped my camera in smitty's toilet the day after my wedding" moe

Cody Scott said...

we tried hanging our clothes out to dry and the ended up covered with dust and pollen. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

First of all, since you are reading this. The shoe (I mean show) at Old I tonight was great. I am harf (half) drunk and ready to eat some food, so see ya.

David Husselhorf

smitty said...

I have found living in India is the best way to save money. A cheap hotel is $3/night in the metropolitan city of Delhi. A good one is $15. A fancy pants 2 bedroom apartment in Varanasi (birthplace of the universe, dude, check it) is $90. A cheap one (Varanasi punk house) would be $30. 32 oz bottles of Kingfisher beer are 82 cents (with room service).

I might get a job here if I can get one with western pay (since I have western debts).

beckler said...

Wouldn't that be funny if Dave got a job in one of those call centers and you got routed to him when you called Dell?

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of wishing we hadn't torn out the line drying mechanism the previous owners had built in our backyard. I got tired of beating the pollen off everything, but it sure was efficient.

I like the article in the latest issue of Edible Sacramento about getting neighbors together to grow and trade produce and other food items. We've been doing some of that this summer and I wish there were more folks we could do this with.


Liv Moe said...

me too!

Anonymous said...

There is an Oak Park plant swap that my neighbor keeps telling me about, but I haven't been to one yet.


wburg said...

The way my garden is going (too much shade, due to me leaving my pile of front yard in the wrong part of my backyard) I'm not going to have a hell of a lot of surplus. Next year, dammit, I'll have the whole back 40 (feet) set to produce...but maybe a backyard produce trade/party/show is in order.

Anonymous said...

Finally a discussion the hippy in me can comment on. We line dry all of our clothes, a lot of it gets done on the drying rack inside but this time of year its often a quick dry outside.
I was really struggling with how crispy and stiff my clothes were coming out, vinegar, by putting vinegar in the rinse my clothes always come out soft (not dryer soft but pretty good) off the line.

The dust and pollen hasn't been a problem, although I will say there aren't too many trees around where I dry and I pull them in asap. We have a contraption thats like a really big, fast salad spinner that gets the clothes pretty dry before they even hit the line though.


Anonymous said...

I went to that Oak Park "plant swap" a lot in high school.


Anonymous said...

Natalie, where did you get your clothing spinner?

I think I'm going to start bringing my surplus produce to shows. We have so many tomatoes, it's obnoxious.


smitty said...

I can get a job at a call center that would pay great for India but not great for me. Otherwise, I'd be there hoping Heckasac would call so I could say, "hey, I've seen you. I know where you and your boyfriend live" and other far creepier (and true) things.

Here's what sucks about India: Indian whiskey is crap. That's all I've found so far. Really, I love this place.

Anonymous said...

Bringing a bunch of ripe tomatoes to shows sounds like an awesome idea. The bands will love it.

Anonymous said...

We have a danby twin tub.
Its main purpose is that its a washer you can hook to your sink,
although we use it with our washer hoses.Its pretty manual (you fill and drain it) I really like it now that I have gotten the hang of it.
the spinner is part of the unit.
It actually gets your clothers fairly dry

These guys have a lot of spinners and stuff


smitty said...

I should have also mentioned that I have to wipe my ass with a cup of water and my fingers. I did some research on how to shit in the East and it's much healthier for you and all, but still, hell, I grew up with toilet paper and even in the super poor punk rock days, MRR makes good toilet paper.

I'm sure no one believes that I am able to find quality research, but bidets kick ass. If only India has bidets.

Liv Moe said...

vive le bidet!

i told omf i wanted a bidet and he poo-pooed the idea. hey-oh!

smitty said...

Soon Americans will learn the beauty of the bidet. It's less waste but more importantly it does a better job.

The apt above mine in midtown is going up for rent. I really like that place and I'll live there for a long time so I want someone cool to live there (that's some of the heckasac readers, and not any of the SacBee commenters). $750 for a 2 bedroom that's best suited for a couple. Available August 1 and if you're interested, let me know. Washer/dryer/large basement for storage.

beckler said...

yeah, it's a great live/work space. i believe the last tenant worked from home.

Anonymous said...

there's a cheap-ass (...) bidet alternative called the biffy. look it up.

Alice said...

using a bidet when i was in genova totally revolutionized my life. i'm already the sort that won't fuss if i don't get a shower in every day. but if i had a bidet, a sink with running water a toothbrush and a wash cloth i'd probably only shower once a week and conserve tons of water.

plus, life is just better when you can have a clean ass whenever you want one without having to get totally undressed.

Anonymous said...

It seems quite silly that even in warm weather cities like ours that most people use driers. Allergies aside, there are only about 3-4 months a year that you can't line dry outside in Sacto. You don't even need that much yard space.

Strategically placed drying racks indoors work well too. I just heard a piece on npr about how 50% of home owner associations in the nation don't allow line drying because of how "unsightly" it is. Get over it lametards.


Katy said...

In Japan, clothes dryers don't exist. While I admit, they can be nice for a quick fluff or your denims, I didn't miss them one bit in two years.

However, in Japan, all unmentionables are best dried inside due to panty thieves.

Thanks for the salad spinner tip Natalie!