Friday, July 25, 2008

dreams really do come true

I ate at Masullo's last night. The pizza is the bomb. The crust is super thin and light with a char on the bottom. The vegetable toppings are seasonal and he has Fra'mani sausage and Niman ranch bacon for the meat toppings. The inside is very cool looking. He even has two communal long tables that are from locally hewn logs. You can't get much more local than that. The prices are reasonable and they are all basically personal sized pizzas although those with small appetites may have a couple of pieces left over. The chef is a local boy made good with a background as a baker and he makes all the desserts. We had a plum galette that was really delicious.

I'm going to Whitey's Jolly Kone for lunch today and the Waterboy for dinner! A dream come true.


Anonymous said...

Had my first Whiteys experience last night. I have to give props, the peach shake was yummy!

beckler said...

I just had one. So good.

Anonymous said...

Masullo's is good, but it's no West Sac bowling alley.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Today I had a vegetarian Lebanese combo for lunch, the best part was the fried cauliflower. One of the salads (like 3 bean, but with carrots instead of wax beans) had a spice that was evocative of BO. I am not saying that it was bad, it just reminded me of a few people I know. Do you know what that is?

Then I went to an amazing pub called Saint Bock where I got a cask brew. I took some beer porn pics for smiller. (add that to my total, I think I mention him 1 out of every, eh 5 comments?)


Zout Alors! (I guess no one says this, but I am trying to bring it back.)

beckler said...

Cumin smells like b.o. to me, but in a good way

Anonymous said...

My mom used to teach in West Sac at the elementary school next to Whitey's. One of the best ways to motivate her students to get their scores up was the promise of field trip to Whiteys at the end of the term.

smitty said...

I looked up masala lemonade and it's made with cumin. I'm sure at some point I'll get used to it but mixed with salty lemonade it's too much for me. Have Skipper make you some.

Anonymous said...

don't know if anyone on here is into vivian girls but they just did a "listed" for the online mag dusted and they get mega stoked about the bananas.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Poutine last night and then we bought a bag of cheese curds made by monks and snacked on them all night.

There was also a little bit of flirting with the monks, which went over like a lead balloon. I guess that monks can only fuck nuns.


talkaboutcharles said...

Speaking of PIZZA!

The Pizzas (original crust punks) are playing tonight at the new Luigi's.

That's not a joke.

Tonight, at Luigi's Fun Garden (right next door to the new Luigi's by
Faces) the Pizzas will perform with Apache, Cheap Time and Buzzer.

It is Luigi's first show and it will begin promptly at 8pm. The Pizzas
will most likely play first but may play as late as third.

Show is five bucks and is all ages.


Anonymous said...

corti brothers is moving...let's hope NOT closing...:-(

Anonymous said...

I was really stoked on that Vivian Girls thing.