Tuesday, July 01, 2008

alessi vs. addrisi

I know that you all know about the Addrisi Brothers (see above), but do you know about the Alessi Brothers (see below)? I do now because Mike C. played one of their songs last night and I loved it! They've sold eight million records worldwide! They're identical twins! It wasn't this song, although this song is good. Maybe Mike C. can tell me what the name of it is. All in all, Mike C. was a dream DJ, but the other dude played "Shock The Monkey". NO.


Anonymous said...

Sock the Monkey!


talkaboutcharles said...

Did you really bum out on Shock the Monkey? I was kind of into it. But then again, I always am.


beckler said...

I've always disliked that song. I preferred the smooth sounds that Mike C. was spinning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becks,

Did you know that July 20 will be the 4th anniversary of your blog? Any plans for celebrating/commemorating?


Anonymous said...

shock the monkey was almost a dealbreaker. bad, bad song selection. -Ed C.

smitty said...

Is there any youtube footage of MOM? I've got a friend who's interested.

Anonymous said...


If that link cuts off just search Bricka Bracka on youtube.

Anonymous said...

"Seabird" its the forgotten soft rock classic along with Exile's "I wanna touch you all over" that i can't get enough of...well when im not listening to the Urban Cowboy soundtrack. Ya sorry about the other dj, it was a last minute request and i couldn't really say no to a pizza loving friend. He did play some cool stuff at the end of the night with me. thanks for coming out...hopefully Ira will let me book some more shows. I really wanna do a Baleric party with the Jay & Joel Show. Their myspace says...their back!!!
dream dj mike c.

Anonymous said...

I do know that Boxy is coming!


Anonymous said...

Sacto's identical twins (The Ancient Sons) are playing acoustic on LiveWire! Access Sacramento (Comcast Ch. 17) today (Wed., July 2nd)live at 5pm! You can also watch it online at www.accesssacramento.org

No Tony Danza hair, but we will try super hard for ya to sound tight!

Anonymous said...

HI! Thinkingh i should send this to you long time;

does it work?

Liv Moe said...

awesome!!! livewire is great in a sctv-ish sorta way.