Tuesday, July 15, 2008

tweaker art

I have been eating some delicious, delicious food in preparation for my September article for MM. To give you a little sneak peak, feast your eyes on this!
Here's pictures from the show at the Witchdome. Yellow Fever was really, really good. They are Austin to the max.
Thee Ohsees are so fun to watch live.
By the ending jam I had to sit in an armchair in the corner though, due to these.
They started out feeling like perfectly comfortable wedges, but after more than four hours standing they felt like sharp plastic cages for my feet.
Have you seen the current art exhibit in the window of University Art? Is it just me or do these women kind of look like tweakers?
This deflated breast on a hook is grosser than gross.

Here's the new drink of the summer. It started with me ordering a Negroni at a cute trattoria in Austin. Yeah, that's right, Austin has cute trattorias that can make you drinks with aperitifs and Sac doesn't. Anyway, this is campari with Pellegrino and lime. One is delicious, two is too bitter.
Wow, there is an ocean of shows and I'm drowning in it. Tonight of course is Eat Skull, Ganglians English Singles, it's at Delta and it really really starts at eight, no joke. I didn't even know until just this minute that there is a Phil Wilson/Singles/Baby Grand show at the Press next monday (july 21st). Somehow I thought this show was cancelled! And then this friday, Faun Fables and Agent Ribbons are playing at Bricka Bracka, which is a perfect bill. Faun Fables are Weimar-fairy type music but I really liked them the one time I saw them years ago at the space that is now the Golden Bear. Then saturday is the huge Bananas/Four Eyes blowout at West Capitol bowl in honor of Ms. Baldwin. OK, Mika Miko, you skip Sac on this tour but play Chico?!?!? Good luck with that. You would have had a better show in Sac.


Anonymous said...

that Phil Wilson show is at Old Ironsides

fft said...

my fav cocktail: the Green & Gold

chartreuse verte
a squeeze and wedge of lemon
served in a tall glass full of ice

go Oak-land!

Anonymous said...

I admit I am getting more and more out of touch with whats happening musically, and I feel a bit dumb asking but what is Weimar-fairy music?


beckler said...

hmm, well I just made that up, I guess I was sort of thinking of the movie cabaret and like threepenny opera, etc., but fairy like they're into magic and fantasy and have a kind of dame d'arcy aesthetic. it's hard to describe. it's very theatrical. were you there when they performed? i could swear you were.

Anonymous said...

My favorite cocktail--Cardboard

1 part Dominican dark rum
1 part Berentz √Ąpfelschnapps
2 parts Sody water

Hard to believe, but it tastes exactly like cardboard, and when you try and make a wiki page for it, it'll be taken down in one week's time.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when that Bananas/Four Eyes show is supposed to start? And can the Bananas bring some of their new CDs to sell?

Anonymous said...

The flier of many fonts says 9:00. It'll be merch madness I promise. And by merch madness I mean baby sized tie-dyes.


Liv Moe said...

i think those topless ladies might be the bartenders from mr. t's bowl.

archbishop said...

I read a travel book that Marletta gave me called "smile when you're lying: confessions of a rogue travel writer" on the flight to Delhi. Here's his description of Austin.

Apologies to "Big Dick" Friedman, but if it wasn't surrounded by Texas, it'd be called Sacramento.

The writer was in a band called the Surf Trio. I wonder if they played in Sac in the hey days of the 1990s.

The very first thing I heard in India was the customs officer saying, "that is a handsome moustache, sir".

beckler said...

I don't see the similarities to Austin and Sac. For one thing, UT is the second biggest college in the country (50,000) students, so that's bound to be a big difference in city culture. We also don't have two supposed big nightlife streets that feature a lame cover band in every bar.

archbishop said...

I didn't get it either but if he did play here in the 1990s that would make sense. I remember laughing with Smiller when there'd be 3 shows a night we wanted to see. Everyone knew it wouldn't last and lo and behold the city cracked down and ended Sacramento's chance as being a hip place to live. I don't think the people in power knew how bad they were fucking up but they brought i America Live so it worked out. It was always funny that people were thinking "should I move to Portland or Sacramento" which is a conversation I heard several times. Why back in my day.... Soriano for city council!

Anonymous said...

My friend Dave lived in Austin for a while & he referred to it as Berkleymento.


typographica said...

Quan Nem whatever serves those little Vietnamese mooncake dumpling things:


so freaking good