Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Say what? MH is hosting the wine tasting at 58 degrees after work!!! This is a must-swill event!

15 or 15 wednesdays

An Evening with Michele
Tomorrow evening from 5-8PM

When it gets as hot as it has been this summer, often times the only real relief comes in the form of an appropriately chilled glass of refreshing white wine. In this week's Wednesday night tasting, we are excited to have special guest, Michele Hebert (be sure to check out her wine recommendations in Midtown Monthly), who will be taking you on a refreshing and, oh so, enjoyable line-up of unique and delicious whites (and one rosé) which will certainly not disappoint. So, we invite you to sit back, relax, as we turn the volume up real high on the delicious and good dials and get ready for an evening of serious appreciation, refreshment, and above all else, enjoyment.

Berger 2009 Gruner Veltliner |
Kamptal Kremstal
Weingut Berger is an award-winning family run estate located in the heart of Austria's
famed Kamptal Kremstal winegrowing region. The 2009 Gruner Veltliner was named by the NY Times as "the best
white wine $15 and under." It is fresh and expressive, with citrus, floral and mineral flavors that linger in the mouth.Charm and value are what typifies this must-try Austrian white.

Mercouri 2009 Kallisto |
Over the years, successive generations of the Mercouri family have rebuilt the winery,
replanted the vineyards, all while doing their best to preserve the integrity and storied history of wines hailing from the Peloponnesian Islands. Today, the result is a modern winery producing some of the finest wines from ancient Greek grapes available to us. This wine is a unique blend of Robola and Assyrtiko. Enjoy its enlivening citrus aromas that lead onto a palette full of well-developed and rounded flavors, highlighted by freshly grated lemon zest.

Delaunay 2009 Rosé "Les Cabotines" |
This salmon-pink rosé made from a combination of Pineau d'Aunis and Gamay grapes is quite the
value. Having recently been awarded a Gold Medal from the Concours Agricole in Paris (apparently the only French wine competition that matters), we are looking forward to enjoying lots of this unique and refreshing rosé from Touraine throughout the remainder of the summer. Allow exuberant flavors of fresh lemon, savory herbs and wild redcurrant invigorate your palette, as this wine dials up both the delicious and good factor that is central to the enjoyment of about just any wine.

Gysler 2009 Scheurebe Halbtrocken |
Weingut Gysler has been operating in the Rheingau village of Alzey since 1450. Each of the
estate's wines consistently displays gratifying delicacy, firm authority, and certainly made to maximize your interest and enjoyment. Scheurebe, was born from the union between Riesling and a "wild vine" native to the region - though don't believe those who might tell you its Silvaner. This wine exhibits flavors of wild Concord grapes, a hint of blackcurrants, and a healthy dose of vibrant grapefruit which is all brought together by a suggestion of residual sweetness on-the-finish. We really love this wine: "Scheurebe in my glass, or nothing else!"

Leitz 2008 "Dragonstone" Riesling QbA
| Rheingau
Universally regarded as one of the rising stars of the new generation of Rheingau winemakers,
Josef Leitz has had his hand in producing extraordinarily aromatic and vigorous wines for quite some time now. This wine contrasts crisp, cool fruit flavors with the earthy, broadly aromatic profile typical of the Rheingau with just a touch of sweetness. It's focused and cleanly defined, showing an unusual sophistication for an entry-level wine.


The Armeniac said...

Sounds awesome! I'm dining w/ my Sister that nite though:(

Anonymous said...

This is tonight in case the "tomorrow evening" part of the flier is confusing.


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely check that out. I've been meaning to try the Grüner Veltliner. Went through a few bottles of their Zweigelt in the winter/spring. As easy to drink as the bottle cap is to open.


caroline said...

Goddamn you, last minute information, you formidable foe!

beckler said...

I always wish 58 would send out their announcement on Mondays. They send it Tuesday evening, so I always get the email Wednesday morning and often I have other plans by then.

Anonymous said...

if they just advertised in midMo then tons opf people would find out about this stuff...
just sayin'


beckler said...

speaking of that, not to toot our horn, but have you seen the contest in this month's midmo? the prize is a hundred dollar gift certificate to mulvaneys!! i would enter if it wouldn't look bad.

Anonymous said...

that Gruner Veltliner is to 2010 what wayfarers were to 2009 in williamsburg. at Uva wines they had like a dozen cases stacked up in the middle of the store


beckler said...

yeah, i'm glad to see it rivaling pinot grigio for the "crisp glass of white" slot on boring wine lists.