Monday, August 16, 2010


Saw this in Yuba City. That's a new one. This truck also had a "Ted Nugent for president" sticker

The show at Stingrayz was super fun! Please everyone book shows there. My pictures do not do it justice. Here's the Jefferson Airplane cover band Cheaper Thrills. Grace Slick was killing it.

This guy was wasted and got kind of out of hand.
This guy was chili doggin'-in the bar! Inappropriate! Save that for later, in the tent.
We set up tents by the horseshoe pits.
I didn't get any good pictures of Big Brother! Sucks.
These guys.


Caroline said...

Cheaper Thrills was the Janis band! We were Flash Paradise: Jefferson Interpretive Time Machine.

Booking this show was the easiest, I'm happy to give the info to anyone who is interested. This would be an amazing venue for ORMF!

Anonymous said...

That cat was so wasted.


beckler said...

they have reggae shows there that i'm sure get pretty crowded.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be hijacking this thread, but if any of you guys out there are currently sending your kids or will be sending some kids to school in Sac Unified (or even if you don't have rug rats), please consider supporting Jeff Cuneo.

He's a young parent with great ideas for improving schools. There are some very serious problems with the schools we all grew up attending and Jeff has ideas and solutions that make sense.

There's a free BBQ and pool party at the College Greens Cabana Club on 8/19 from 6-9pm where you can learn more (and swim for free).


Anonymous said...

After that show, I'm seriously considering buying some Denver Broncos-colored boas for the upcoming football season.

Go Broncos!


Anonymous said...

Wear those to the coliseum, Team Tebow ... NM

Anonymous said...

Who was the dude down in front with the massive green hairdo?

Anonymous said...

looks like a buncha 'los and 'lettes

Do not ride the manatee! said...

why doesnt anyone tell me about stuff like this. I'd probably go.

beckler said...

That's why we don't tell you