Friday, September 17, 2010

yard sale tomorrow!!!!!

When we visited the Bruery in Placencia (in Orange County), I picked up two bottles of the Hottenroth, which is a Berlinerweisse-style wheat beer. They use lactobacillus and brettanomyces in this brew, so it's tart. It has a nice toasty wheat flavor as well. At the brewery they offer it in the traditional way, with woodruff syrup which turns it bright green. I think they said it's made from moss? It smells like playdough and tastes like toasted marshmallows. They gave me a taste of the mixture, and I liked the little taste but wouldn't want a whole glass. If you ever see a bottle in these parts, snap it up!
Not a wonderful picture, but I have been stoked on my garden's bounty lately and could use some creative ideas for using tomatoes and zucchini. I have been drinking a river of gazpacho, sometimes made with peppers (hot or sweet) from the garden. My peppers are starting to finally go to town, which I guess makes sense because bell peppers are kind of an early fall crop, right? I am about to have enough habaneros to give all of Sac sting ring, as well. I'm pretty sick of zucchini but have been experimenting with different kinds of fritters. It seems to work well to squeeze the moisture out of them with a towel before frying a la latkes. And I didn't grow it yet this year, but man the arugula and frisee is just beautiful right now. I cannot get enough frisee.
OK, on to urging you to come to the yardsale that me, Connie Champagne, and Jamattack are having tomorrow at 2665 San Fernando Way. I have a lot of clothes, these are just the first few I pulled out. I have...

hipster unicorn tshirts
smiller's tennies
sparkly green wrap dress
secretary-ish dress with fake suede skirt and silky paisley top with a tie at the neck. wear with a bun and glasses. then, take the glasses off, pull out the bun and your silver fox boss will say "why, Ms. Peterson, you're beautiful!"
teeny cute little hippy top
and much more!!


Caroline said...

One of my standby recipes that is the holy trinity of Cheap, Easy, and Fucking Delicious is some pisto manchego. The leftovers are fucking ridiculous too. It sounds very simple, but the flavor is great and it's super filling. It's also probably one of the healthiest things I make.

Here is the NY Times recipe:

The only modification I would suggest is that i don't have a lot of luck with cooking the egg in the pisto and usually fry one up on the side.

beckler said...

that looks delicious. i wish i was eating it right now.

Anonymous said...

I went to a friend's for dinner and she sliced the zuch so thin, she was able to use it as a pasta, with pesto.

I have no recipe, but it was delish.

Also, what size is that unicorn t-shirt? I have a friend who might need it.

beckler said...

it fits me, but is a little tight. so ladies large i would say. most stuff is around a modern size 10, but sometimes i buy smaller things because i can't resist if they are cute.

leon said...

You got a shout out on Radio Parallax last night:

Anonymous said...

Sweet woodruff isn't a moss, it's a cute little leafy ground cover for shady areas with white flowers in the spring . When you look it up in gardening books they alway mention the old german practice of making May wine and beer with it, so that's cool that the Bruery does it, if just for tradition's sake. The foliage smells like sweet hay, I love it!


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try May wine.

There is some decent beer here, I had an Abita Save Our Shores lager, mostly just to support it, and it was OK. The best local brewery I have found is the Heiner Brau Brewery of Covington, Louisiana.

I have also found that you should put a ton of lard, sausage, onions and a few potatoes in your green beans if you want them to taste good. Thanks, Bubba.


undercover caterer said...

Hmm. That green sparkly thing looks intriguing. And tart beer, it's the best!

John L said...

Wait, you're raising money for what?!?!

Yoga Aid was held here in Sac today to raise money to teach yoga to people in Africa because there's nothing better to combat poverty, disease and hunger like a downward facing dog.