Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm stoked

What a birthday! What a country! In Soviet Russia, you celebrate birthdays.  In America, birthdays celebrate you!

Do you know about the show on Wednesday?  You're probably thinking "what show, there are like three shows".  Nuh uh, as far as I'm concerned, there's only one show: woods and fresh and onlys.  I am bummed to miss Ganglians, though.  But yeah, the real show is at Sol Collective on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday in Davis, there's a noise show, wait, don't leave! Keep reading.  It's Spencer from Skaters and a dude from Eat Skull.  It will be cool! Well, I'm stoked on it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Ganglians are playing Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Looks like wednesdays will be playing the ganglians however-just like in Russia!


Anonymous said...

But Reo Speedwagon is!


DJ Rick said...

Wed, Aug 10 is the date of the Ganglians show conflict where you must decide if you wanna see Ganglians at Luigi's with a band called Heavy Hawaii, or King Tuff at the Davis Bike Collective with Audacity and a Sacto band to be named later. Easy choice as far as I'm concerned: (a) I cannot be convinced that a band called Heavy Hawaii is worth seeing, (b) King Tuff is too rare a treat and so so tremendously entertaining and ingenious, (c) Audacity is killer Burger Records-related content, and (d) the Davis Bike Collective kinda feels like The Hub to...it's a mechanic shop where shows happen! Once you're inside, it's easy enough to forget that you're in Davis.

beckler said...

oh duh, yeah i was getting that mixed up.

Anonymous said...

you can always see Ganglians on Aug. 30 with Fine Steps and Ty Segall at Dam HAUS. They'll be back from tour and tighter then probably, although they ripped a pretty damn good set this past Saturday, albeit mostly old tracks and only two of the new album