Tuesday, July 05, 2011

so rad

I fucked up and did a lotta shit but didn't take any pictures.  Just mental pictures, but those are already fading fast.  One mental picture I will always cherish is seeing Calvin Johnson doing his Calvin dance for Dreamdate.  That made me SO PSYCHED.  He loved Dreamdate.  Then I missed his set cuz I was yakking but I heard it was really good.

The MidMo Reader's Choice issue is gonna be fun.  At first I was skeptical about the whole concept but now I'm into it because good stuff won.  Stay tuned....

Speaking of MidMo, did you read Tony King's Zach Hill interview yet?  So rad! Broken testicles!?!?!?


DJ Rick said...

The best part of last night's show was when Paul Collins roped Calvin into a singalong, and Calvin obliged, pulled out the loopiest of his dance moves the entire night, and added his own very interesting affect to Paul's song. It carried on for several minutes and didn't get old for one second.

Deboyah Iyall of Romeo Void also sang along during "Rock & Roll Girl". Three legends under one roof in Sacto on the 4ht of July? WTF!

About 10 minutes before showtime, I was thinking I'd surely implode, and this would be my last show ever. But yeah...halfway into Dreamdate's set, I was stoked. Not to say it wasn't a total cluster ransacking the city for equipment for bands to borrow, and then being reminded that there was another band I'd completely forgotten about. (Damn 5-band shows!) But overall, I was really happy with that show. And it seemed like most others were, too.

beckler said...

It was crazy to watch everyone pitch in and line up all the needed equipment and then go pick it up all over. Nuts! Who woudda thought that Paul Collins and his touring band wouldn't have been traveling with anything but the clothes on their backs?
BTW what is up with Sol Collective not serving beer at the show?

DJ Rick said...

I've heard from a pretty trustworthy source that the city's only letting them get one one-day alcohol permit per month now. And they have several events per month, so only one event can be so lucky. I hope they pick our Fresh & Onlys/Woods/G. Green show later this month for that! It's a pain in the ass 'cos everyone shows up wanting to drink, and then the neighborhood gets trashed with empties. And then I miss half the show picking up people's empties. I think I'll draft another couple of volunteers next time just for this particular purpose. What lucky, lucky volunteers!!

Anonymous said...

It was pretty funny to me to see Paul Collins playing on the old Nar equipment. That Peavey bass amp is such a war horse!