Thursday, July 21, 2011

street art

Ya know what I love about my friends? When I was talking to them about the fair at the Bows grand opening on Tuesday, SO MANY of them had already been to the fair! Even though it had only been open a few days.  I feel that we're united in our love of the fair.
 Here's a tag that showed up on a billboard that's on the right side of the road if you're heading to Davis.  I feel like this is someone well known, right?  I like it.  Street art!
 As soon as I got to the fair, I immediately flushed 6 dollars down the toilet.  J.K., I lost six bucks at the track.  That's flushing six dollars down the toilet the fun way.  They only have thoroughbred racing during the fair, instead of the normal harness racing.
 This rasta banana is a big prize this year
 No caption necessary
 I tried to capture the fact that this goat looked like Brian Peppers, but couldn't do it.
 The Republican booth at the hall of crap had some retro bumper stickers.
 The Sacramento County exhibit is HIDEOUS.  We should all hang our heads in shame.
 But at least it didn't suck as bad as the Yuba one.  Which somehow won an award? Obviously this was fixed.
 I forget which county this was, but this kayaker has a really tiny head.
 and crazy eye
The fresh fried potato chips are good, and a good value.

Viva le fair!


Anonymous said...

The short-shorts exhibit is really good this year.


KW said...

The counties exhibit is always my favorite. Usually some of the smallest counties put on the best show, which I appreciate. (Yuba is plainly an exception.)

Anonymous said...

Enough of thios extraneous commenting-I want to know more about "Our Family Pumpkin". what is the criteria for such a prestigious award?


talkaboutcharles said...

Is that Ronald Reggae?

Anonymous said...

It is! He was everywhere! Becky didn't seem to believe me when I told her his name.


beckler said...

is this some meme I don't know about?

Anonymous said...

Ask Ronald Reggae.


yolkie said...

gabriel says yuba city is in sutter county and neither he nor the maxwells will accept any blame for the always shitty yuba county exhibit.