Friday, October 21, 2011

entertaining yelps

entertaining yelps of the day:

Sacramento, CA
1.0 star rating
This location refuses to honor specials by imposing limits on the special that are NOT printed anywhere on the coupon or their signage. This has happened to me twice at this location.

1) I attempted to purchase the 5 for $5.95 deal. When I asked for 2 orders of the mozzerella sticks, I was told I can only have 1. I told her that their sign states in plain English "any 5 for $5.95". She said "Well we don't do that." They refused to allow me to include 2 orders of mozzerella sticks.

2) I had an Entertainment Book Coupon that states: "Enjoy one complimentary BEEF N' CHEDDAR SANDWICH when a second BEEF N' CHEDDAR SANDWICH of equal or greater value is purchased." There are three sizes of this sandwich, classic(small), medium and max. When I told the woman at the drive through I had the coupon, she insisted that it only applied to the classic (smallest) sandwich. I informed her that it does not say that on the coupon at all. It says "of equal or greater value". She refused to honor the coupon for anything other than the smallest sandwich.

There's nothing worse than a business that lures you to their locations with good deals that they sleazily worm their way out of honoring.


Sacramento, CA
F--- you, pay me, reads the welcome sign at Debra's. The sign says it all. This lady is as mean as she is ugly. Smokes joints in the bathroom

I am purposefully not looking up what Debra's Doghouse is.  I'm pretending it's some kind of roadhouse.


Anonymous said...

Arby's is such a cruel mistress.


Anonymous said...

Listen Miller, when I want to go Primo with a bogo who is Arby's to fucking stop me?

I pray one day to be as mean as I am ugly. I can never get the mix just right. One day meaner the next day uglier. Balance is so hard to achieve.


Liv Moe said...

"smokes joints (aka Charlie Sheen) in bathroom"